Gotta take the Bad with the Good


Day two of not working.  It’s still strange…kind of like I’m on vacation but not.  If I was on vacation I wouldn’t still be getting up before 6am!  But here I am, up with the birdies to get my boy off to school.

I’m actually a little scared of how that may change next week.  Griffin is in his school’s JROTC program.  This program offers a lot of extracurricular activities the students can participate in if they would like.  My son has always been crazy for all things military so of course he decided to be part of the drill team.  Then his sergeant wanted him to also do color guard.  Then it was honor guard and possibly even raiders, too.  This means, in most cases, Griffin has to be at school by 6 o’clock.

That is AM (this really made me think, what do a.m. and p.m. stand for?)

Sergeant is just getting over pneumonia so there hasn’t been drill this week.  Now that all of their big competitions for the year are over they don’t have drill every day anymore, but they will have it at least 3 days next week.  Which means dad takes Griff to school on his way to work.  Which means I don’t have a concrete, can’t fudge the time, must be there on time reason to get up at 6am.  Not that it would be the end of the world if I slept in until 8 or 9 o’clock, I just don’t want to get into any bad habits…as I’m prone to do.

Griffin at drill competition February 2013

Griffin at drill competition February 2013

So, onto my day.  I forgot how totally and completely awesome it is to go into a store during a weekday.  And I don’t mean after 5 o’clock on a weekday.  I mean right smack dab in middle of the day.

I ran to Sam’s Club today at around 11 o’clock.  What’s this?  A parking spot less than a half mile away?  No way!  Score!  No waiting patiently (impatiently inside) while I wait to move my cart around someone stopped dead center of an aisle.  You’re not going to believe this part either.  I mean it, you’re not.  But what I’m about to tell you is the truth, so please don’t call the loony bin on me telling them I’m hallucinating.

There was NO line when I was done!  Really!  I swear!  I walked right up to a register and starting putting my groceries on the conveyor belt.  It was, like, the coolest thing that  has happened to me in a long time.

Very soon after that wonderful moment, reality came crashing back.  I got home and NOBODY was home to help me unload the groceries.  The horrors!  How dare they be at work and school! I had to bring everything in myself 😦 I had to take everything down to the pantry and freezer myself, both of which are in the basement!  And the whole time all I could think of was how I plan on going to the real grocery store tomorrow.  Which means much more to bring into the house and put away.

What a world, what a world…but I gotta take the bad with the good.  And that line at checkout was real good.


About Cheri

I'm the mom of two boys and wife to my high school sweetheart. Our oldest, Josh, is 24 and living at home while working. He just finished trade school for media arts and is looking for a job that will be a career so he can get out on his own. In the meantime he's got a steady job with benefits. Our youngest, Griffin, is 20 and in the Army. He just got married so I have also gained a daughter. Unfortunately, he is stationed in Washington so they're across the country from us. I was lucky enough to have the option of leaving the work force a few years ago, but recently went back part-time to learn a new trade working at a small family owned coffee shop.
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