My Summer So Far – Part 2

The most relaxing few days I had this summer came at the end of June.  I went on my first ever girls only trip.

My older sister, Gina, and her ex-husband, Donnie, are very close.  It’s great because my whole family loves Donnie and it’s not weird or awkward to have him spend holidays or other special times with us.  It works out wonderful for my  nephew, too.  He always gets to have both of his parents there for him without it turning into a stressful situation.

We also all love Donnie’s girlfriend, Liz.  She and her sisters have a place on the northwest side of the mitten, a bit south of Traverse City.  The last full week of June Griffin was away at camp and my niece had gone to California with our little sister for some bonding time.  For the first time in a long time Gina and I were kid-free!  We went to Liz’s place up north (if you’re not from Michigan, you will find that most Michiganders use this term a lot – up north) with Liz and our mom from Monday through Wednesday.  It was bliss!

Here is a hodge-podge of pictures from that trip.


Liz’s place is on 40 acres of land and the flowers just grow wild out there.  Beauty in every direction.

DSC01306 DSC01301 DSC01300

I was totally enamored with this dinner bell.  The boys go up to the property every May for my nephew’s birthday with a bunch of friends.  The adults sleep in the house while the kids camp out.  My sister said they use this to call them to meals or for emergencies (although it hasn’t had to be used for that, thank goodness).

This is where I spend a great part of the three days we were there…HEAVEN!


Mom & sis having breakfast together the first morning

Mom & sis having breakfast together the first morning

We chose a super foggy day to go to town, about 5 minutes after this picture was taken you couldn't even see it anymore from all of the fog!

We chose a super foggy day to go to town, about 5 minutes after this picture was taken you couldn’t even see the lighthouse anymore from all of the fog!

salted caramal TO. DIE. FOR.

salted caramel

On our way back to the house, Liz saw one of the neighbors in his yard so we stopped by to see if we could tour his property.  Dan is a carpenter by trade and loves to do projects in his spare time.  He had no problem letting us wander around and take pictures of his artwork.

DSC01351 DSC01362

He built a boardwalk along the perimeter of his property over some swampy areas that is just gorgeous.  He uses all local wood.  Those beautiful railings are local pine trees!


He uses the same concept in these stairs that lead up to a gazebo he built on a high area of his property.  The stairs were so much fun!  He had paintings, mirrors, doodads, etc. on every step.  So many places pulling the eye at once.

DSC01368The gazebo normally have artwork on each side.  Unfortunately, Michigan had a rough winter and the winds damaged some of the art.  It was down for him to repair in his spare time.  This gives you an idea of how he surrounds his gazebo.


We spent the rest of the day relaxing, reading, chatting around a bonfire and just enjoying the peaceful environment.

Once we were ready to hit the road on Wednesday afternoon, we decided to stop for one last shopping trip.  This is the shop of Gwen Frostic.  It is also a wildlife sanctuary.  I love the grass and foliage growing from the roof.  I mean, how cool is that?!?  And her prints are just beautiful.  I bought some note cards and already put some of them to good use. 


This is not a sponsored post, but I’d like to say that the items in the shop would make wonderful gifts.  The notecards inspire me to want to write more “snail mail” notes to my distant friends instead of always falling back on email and texting.

Have you ever been on a girls only trip?  Where did you go?  What did you do?


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I'm the mom of two boys and wife to my high school sweetheart. Our oldest, Josh, is 24 and living at home while working. He just finished trade school for media arts and is looking for a job that will be a career so he can get out on his own. In the meantime he's got a steady job with benefits. Our youngest, Griffin, is 20 and in the Army. He just got married so I have also gained a daughter. Unfortunately, he is stationed in Washington so they're across the country from us. I was lucky enough to have the option of leaving the work force a few years ago, but recently went back part-time to learn a new trade working at a small family owned coffee shop.
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