Intelligence (TV Review)

Back before Christmas I started seeing promos for a new show on CBS.  It looked interesting and the closer it got to the first air date the more intrigued I became.  Finally, the day came!  I was so excited!  And then I watched it and my excitement faded.  My husband straight out said he was done with the show, not even wanting to give it a few episodes to find its feet.  I don’t give up so easily, I will give most shows 3-4 episodes to convince me to keep it on my DVR lineup.


Intelligence is a drama/sci-fi/action type show starring Josh Holloway (Lost) as Gabriel, an elite soldier/intelligence officer who has a computer chip in his brain that allows him to access pretty much any computer in the world.  His boss, Lillian Strand, is played by Marg Helgenberger.  She is the director of the special team that was created to support Gabriel, a cyber-security agency.  She assigns Secret Service agent Riley Neal, played by Meghan Ory, to protect Gabriel and the multi-million dollar equipment he carries around inside of his brain.  Gabriel’s wife is a CIA agent that has been presumed dead since 2008; and if she’s not dead then there is a big possibility she is a traitor.  Of course, he doesn’t believe she is either dead or a traitor and is somewhat obsessed about figuring out what really happened to her.

MV5BMjAxNjU1MjgyOV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMDYxNTAwMg@@._V1__SX640_SY720_[1]I know, I know…sounds a lot like Chuck.  We have a computer brain, sexy watchdog and presumed dead loved one.  Watching the first episode it was hard not to draw comparisons.  I think that was one of the initial problems I had with this show.  We loved Chuck when it was on the air.  Chuck was what I would call a dramedy, an hour-long show that had serious issues and suspense but was full of comedy.  Intelligence is NOT a dramedy.  It’s not meant to be funny at all.  It is a very serious, very straight show.  I think getting over my Chuck hang up was the first step to accepting Intelligence as a possible show worthy to be on my busy DVR.  I watched the second and third episodes by myself and have decided I will definitely be hanging in for the fourth episode before making a final decision.  So, what changed my mind?


First, somewhere along the line I went from thinking the writers were trying to convince me there should be sexual tension between Gabriel and Riley to them settling into a more buddy-buddy type of relationship.  I just didn’t see the romance happening.  Gabriel is obviously still obsessed with his wife and something about Riley made her seem too young for him anyway.  I don’t know if it was a conscious decision the writers and/or director made or if I was just seeing something in the pilot that wasn’t meant to be there.

Next, they shortened the cyber-rendering scenes.  This is where Gabriel can recreate a crime scene in his mind even though he wasn’t there.  He can walk through the scene and see it from all different angles.  I’ll be honest, this is how the pilot started and I said right then and there that if all of those types of scenes dragged on so long I wasn’t going to be able to watch this show.  He still does his cyber-rendering; they just don’t leave him there for minutes on end anymore.  I count that as a plus.


The last reason I’m sticking around…Josh Holloway of course!  Man, he is sexy.  I cannot stand his hairstyle right now (Rob Lowe had a similar thing going on with his hair last season on Parks and Rec and it drove me bananas), but he’s still a great piece of eye candy.  Sorry fellas, but it had to be said.


If I were to recommend this to anyone, I would say to give it more than one episode to make your decision.  I feel you should still watch the first episode so you can better understand how all of this tech stuff works, but don’t judge the show by the pilot.  I’ll let you know in another couple of weeks if Intelligence got to keep its spot on my DVR.

 What new shows are you watching?

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