Monday Mash-Up #8

Whew!  What a couple of crappy weeks I’ve had.  Like I said last Monday, I was sick.  And it was the kind of sick where my eyes burned and had a hard time staying open so I couldn’t even read!  Total bummer!  But I caught up on some Dawson’s Creek. (Have I ever mentioned that I’m doing a re-watch since I never watched the last two seasons back in the day?  Well, I am.  I’m on the last season.)

You’d think that I’d have tons for this week’s mash-up since, hypothetically, it should cover two weeks.  Don’t worry, it’s not tons.  Since I was laying in bed for the better part of one of those weeks I don’t have much to say…for once.  So let’s get to it.

  • The JROTC drill competition our school hosts was a week ago.  Once again, Herb and I worked the score room.  I’ll write up a post of the day soon.  It was tiring, especially since I was on the tail end of my terrible cold.
  • Did you see my picture on my Instagram?  We are so proud of Griffin.  We had his swimming banquet last week and he got a couple of extra awards.  Of course he got his letter (second year).  He also got a “dedication” trophy.  This was for never missing a practice all season.  The only other person who ever received this trophy (which coach named the Ironman trophy back then, but gives it so seldom he forgot what he called it, lol) was Josh back in his Junior year.  And most importantly, he earned academic achievement!  Woot!  It’s crazy how far he’s come this year with his grades.


  • I’m not much of a basketball fan, I just don’t find the game very engaging to watch.  That being said…how about those Michigan teams?  Sunday was a downer, but it was awesome to see them both get to the Elite Eight this year!
  • I’m going to admit that I get a bad mom certificate for last week.  Griffin had told me his instructor for his lifeguard class told them to turn in job applications and assumed she meant after they took their final test (today) since they can’t be hired as lifeguards without their certification.  We decided to wait and found out that most of the other kids have handed in applications and two have had interviews and one already found out he got one of the jobs!  They have to be turned in at City Hall HR which is closed on weekends so I swung by on my way out of town to drop it off for him while he was at school this morning.  I hope I didn’t ruin his chances of getting one of the jobs 😦
  • You may wonder why I went out of town. I took my mother-in-law back up north to her own place today.  It was a long day.  A three hour drive each way.  Good thing it was nice today (finally) because I had to put down the windows and crank up the music for a short time during the trip today on the way home by myself.  Didn’t want to become a statistic!
  • Speaking of nice days, it is nice today…almost 60 degrees!  But it’s not supposed to last and I still have a bit of snow in my back yard.  I saw this on FB and had to share.  It sums this year up so well!

Other bits from On the Line:

  • This is what we read for book club and I am super worried about the film adaptation after seeing this trailer.  It’s not a long book, why do they feel the need to change things?  The fact that some trusted names (Meryl Streep) are attached gives me a glimmer of hope, though.
  • What is wrong with this zoo and why are they still a zoo?   Am I missing something here?  This just seems insane!
  • Hahahaha!  I have a lot of teacher friends and can so see them posting these.
  • I was so proud of my home state of Michigan for about 24 hours a week ago Friday when a judge found it unconstitutional to deny same sex couples equal rights.  Some counties had special hours on Saturday to issue marriage licenses and even perform ceremonies.  Our wonderful governor put it all on hold and stated the marriages performed are invalid until the case goes through the next level.  (Because our tax dollars are better spent fighting against giving gay people their civil rights than going toward our schools.)  In the meantime, tons of articles were written.  Including one at a newspaper at Michigan State.  And this wonderful guy had a rebuttal on The Black Sheep.  So spot on and sooooo funny!
  • Loving this Cage the Elephant song and obsessed with the video.  Total awesome-sauce!

I didn’t listen to many podcasts or read many blogs the past couple of weeks due to being sick and blah so I didn’t pick any favorites this week.

Books I finished this week:



On tap this week:

A meeting with Griffin’s counselor tomorrow (don’t worry, it’s all good), conferences for Griffin later this week, a Mom & Dad’s Club meeting at the high school…then it will finally be Spring Break!  Woohoo!!!!

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I'm the mom of two boys and wife to my high school sweetheart. Our oldest, Josh, is living at home while working and paying off student loans. Our youngest, Griffin recently left his active duty Army job and is now National Guard here at home. He moved back to Michigan with his wife Kirsten and our beautiful granddaughter Hazel. I work part time and try to fit as much reading into my life as possible.
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