What I’m Watching – Tuesday (TV Review)

Tuesday television has quite a bit of newness for us. So much so, I’ll definitely have to do another post later since a lot of them haven’t started yet.  Here’s how our Tuesdays have been playing out so far.

ABC is the place to be on Tuesday night. Two new sitcoms, Selfie and Manhattan Love Story, show a lot of promise.  I loved Karen Gillam as Amy Pond in Doctor Who.  And who doesn’t love John Cho?  The previews had me a little worried about possible over-acting, but after the first episode last week I don’t think that will be a problem.  As for Manhattan Love Story, the over-acting may have moved to this time slot.  I like what I’ve seen so far in the first episode, but Jake McDorman needs to tone it down a bit.  All in all, it seems like it will be a cute and fun escape once a week.


The other new show on ABC Tuesdays this fall is a drama starring Ioan Gruffudd, better known in this house as Mr. Fantastic from the Fantastic Four. Forever is the story of Dr. Henry Morgan (Gruffudd), an immortal man who has been trying to figure out why/how he keeps popping back to life every time he has died over the last 200 years.  He works as a medical examiner and ends up working on cases with a detective (possible love interest for later?) who believes his hunches.  We get the added bonus of Dr. Morgan’s adopted son (who is older than him of course) played by Judd Hirsch.  Herb and I are really enjoying this show and hope it can keep up it’s wonderful storytelling throughout the season.



In between the new sitcoms and the new drama sits a favorite from last year, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. We have not been able to convince Josh to watch this show so we end up asking him a million questions to get a deeper understanding after each episode.  He knows way more about the Marvel Universe than we do.  I love how they tie all of the current arcs of Marvel movies into the television show and vice versa.  Not to give too many spoilers, but S.H.I.E.L.D. fell apart due to Hydra at the end of last season and I’m excited to see how Agent Coulson and friends are going to pick up the pieces this season.

Believe it or not, there are other good shows on other channels on Tuesday nights. One of our favorite sitcoms is on Fox, New Girl.  We’ve always loved Zooey Deschanel and she does not disappoint in this series.  She’s quirky and funny and cute.  The rest of the ensemble is like a comedy dream team and the chemistry between them all is phenomenal.

New Girl cast

New Girl cast

We also started watching Fox’s new reality show, Utopia. I’m not quite sure about my feelings on this one.  It’s fun(ny) to watch once in a while.  We’re quite a few episodes behind but will watch one once in a while.  We decided to give it a try because the premise sounded interesting.  Individuals, from different walks of life, put together to see what kind of society they would end up with.  Limited resources, no camera crew (there are cameras set up all over the grounds and they all wear mics), no real rules.  From the first episode I was a bit disappointed when one of the things they were given for their pantry was alcohol.  The show went from an interesting social experiment to your typical reality social drama.  When/if we run out of room on our DVR, this will be the first show to go.

One of the new shows we’ve been anticipating the most starts on the CW tonight. The Flash is being treated as a spin-off of Arrow.  Although this is a DC Comics character and we’re more of a Marvel family, we’ve really enjoyed Arrow so we’re hoping for more of the same from The Flash.


Also starting tonight is Town of the Living Dead on Syfy. This seems to be a mix of reality television and zombie movie.  It’s an unscripted show about a town that has been making a zombie movie for 6 years (really!) and has a promise from Syfy to air their movie IF they can finish it by a certain deadline.  I’m intrigued enough that I’ll give it a try.

In another week, NBC will be premiering the new sitcom Marry Me. I don’t know much about this show yet other than it’s a romantic comedy and Tim Meadows is in the supporting cast.  Both things put it in the plus column for me.  Marry me will be paired with About a Boy which is in its sophomore season.  I really liked this show last year and was happy to hear it was renewed.  I’m a huge fan of Minnie Driver and David Walton, but Benjamin Stockham has really stolen the show on this one for me.

About a Boy - Season Pilot

I’m sure a lot of the ladies out there are wondering where the heck Chicago Fire is on my list. Well, I’m not sure.  I started watching the first season and really liked the show.  For some reason we never picked it back up after the mid-season break that first season and I’m not sure why.  One of these days I hope to go back and watch it all.  CBS has a night of NCIS type shows and they just are not enough of an interest to me for them to get DVR space.  I’ll watch them in syndication once in a while, they’re good enough shows.  Just not my thing.  It may seem strange that we don’t follow New Girl with the Mindy Project on Fox.  Really it’s because my husband can only take so much of Mindy Kaling.  We both find the show funny, but he can only watch an episode a month, lol.  I honestly think it’s a holdover from her character on The Office that he couldn’t stand.

Tuesday will end up one of our busiest TV nights once all the shows start. But wait until you see tomorrow!  Even more shows to enjoy.

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