What I’m Watching – Wednesday (TV Review)

As I mentioned yesterday, I believe Wednesday is our busiest TV day. So let’s get to right to what we’re watching.

If you love sitcoms, ABC is the place to be on Wednesday nights. First off is The Middle, a consistently funny show since its debut in 2009.  It may not be the funniest show out there but it is solid.  Being as it’s supposed to be about a middle class family, there seems to be situations in every episode that everyone can relate to.

Following The Middle is one of the funniest sophomore shows on television, The Goldbergs. I can’t attest to other demographics, but if you are of my generation you will not only relate to this show but will somehow miss the days of cassette tapes and VCRs after watching.  Hilarious!!!  What makes it even better is the little snippets at the end of almost every episode of the creator’s real home movies from the 80s.

the-goldbergsAlthough I would rate Modern Family higher on my list of favorites than The Middle, it hasn’t always been as consistent. But there are very few flops going into its 6th season so it’s still worth the time for sure.

There’s one new sitcom on ABC on Wednesday night, black-ish. I still have to reserve judgement on this one.  My husband said he’s not interested after the first episode.  I like to give new shows about 3 episodes.  Those first episodes can be awkward as the cast and writers try to find their niche.  I feel I owe it to Laurence Fishburne to give it a fair shake.  We’ll see…


Over on NBC we’ve been watching a new dramedy, The Mysteries of Laura. Here’s another one that I’m not sure about.  It’s almost as though I wish it were a half hour show because it only seems to have 30 minutes of quality content.  The rest just seems like filler so this very well may not last on our schedule.

There is yet another new dramedy over on Fox at 9 o’clock. Red Band Society is about a hospital ward that is for long-term care for kids.  You have some cancer patients, an anorexic girl, a boy in a coma, that sort of thing.  Sound depressing?  It’s not.  Of course I have cried while watching (which tells you right there that Herb doesn’t watch this one, he’s not one for the touching dramas), but I’ve also laughed.  So far it’s really pulled me in.  And you can’t go wrong with Octavia Spencer.


One of the reality shows that we’ve actually watched on a regular basis is Survivor on CBS. I don’t remember why, but we didn’t watch the first season.  Since that time, we’ve seen them all.  We are a bit glad they didn’t rely on “all-stars” or “fan favorites” this year and actually have a lineup of all new Survivors.  They recycled the loved ones trope, but it’s an interesting one so that doesn’t bother us.

CBS also has a new drama on Wednesday nights this year. Stalker is about a task force that tracks down stalkers.  Tonight will only be the second episode, but the pilot episode had me sufficiently creeped out with Dylan McDermott’s character and impressed with Maggie Q’s character.  It looks quite promising.


Two shows returning to the CW that we enjoy are Arrow and The 100. I didn’t find Arrow quite as good last year as the first year, but it was still a quality show.  Plus, with The Flash spinning off of the show I’m hoping for some crossover action.  And I’m really enjoying the slow burn between Oliver and Felicity.

I’m hoping The 100 has made some tweaks during their break and will come back strong. We always enjoyed the time on Earth, but when they’d go up to the rest of civilization in space the show could lag.  Now that they are all (I think) on Earth that disconnect should be taken care of.  If nothing else, the show is full of beautiful people.  Although this isn’t the first job for any of them, it’s a wonderful vehicle for Bob Morley, Thomas McDonell and Ricky Whittle.


What I’m not watching…I never watched Nashville although I’m a big fan of Connie Britton, I think it was the singing/country music thing that turned me off. Although I love musicals, I want dancing to go along with my singing!  Criminal Minds and Law & Order are along the same lines as the NCIS and CSI shows, fine in syndication but not something I go out of my way to watch.  I know a lot of people enjoy shows like Hell’s Kitchen, but it makes me uncomfortable to watch someone screaming at people and belittling them…even when they deserve the criticism.

I warned you our Wednesdays were jam-packed!

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