What I’m Watching – Friday (TV Review)

TGIF! We’re in the home stretch.  I’m sure there are plenty of people out there that don’t sit at home watching television on a Friday night.  Well, we are.  By the time Friday comes around we are ready to drop.  There’s really not much on TV Friday night, but it’s a perfect time to catch up on some shows on the DVR from throughout the week. 

One of the many TGIF lineups ABC had back in the day.

One of the many TGIF lineups ABC had back in the day.

Remember when ABC had a huge Friday lineup…more geared toward the family and/or tween set.  They still have some family entertainment in the form of our old pal Tim Allen.  My husband and I really enjoy Last Man Standing, even while it can drive us crazy.  There are so many things about this show that are ridiculous.  What they do is use Tim Allen’s character to show the extreme right point of view while using his oldest daughter and her fiancé to show the extreme left point of view.  The mom, played by the gorgeous Nancy Travis, is a sort of mediator/middle man.  That’s why it all works.  They show all sides of a problem.  So even if you’re a staunch Republican or an avid Democrat, you can still laugh at the over-dramatized caricature of your political party.  It’s a fun half hour that can actually make you think (and rethink) about your stance on touchy subjects without you even realizing that is what you’re doing.


Another family show on ABC premieres tonight at 8:30. Cristela may also end up touching on some touchy political subjects as it’s primarily about a Mexian-American woman trying to make her way through law school and getting an internship with a politically incorrect lawyer.  I’m a fan of the family-centered sitcom so I have high hopes for this one.

We wanted to attempt to watch ZNation on Syfy, but to be honest we’ve only watched one episode so far and it’s been on for almost a month. It is definitely not for the serious zombie fan.  (Is that a weird classification?  I feel like it is.)  It is meant to be campy and, from just that one episode, there are no rules about who lives and dies.  There were definitely some surprises.  It just didn’t reel us in immediately.  If we don’t get to the episodes sitting on our DVR soon, it will probably get dropped from our viewing schedule.


Although, in my opinion, DC Comics has had a hard time coming up with quality movies for a while (a somewhat controversial view), they have been hitting it out of the park with TV shows. They have a new drama starting October 24 on NBC at 10 o’clock.  Constantine is based on the Hellblazer comics and is about a man whose soul is already damned to hell, so why not fight evil?  I have high hopes for this one and will get back to you to let you know how my household end up feeling about the show.


Grimm is another show we used to watch and it had a not-so-good season and we lost interest. To tell the truth, last season when I would see previews I kept thinking I had to go back to it so I probably will catch up somehow someday.   I’m sure it’s a great lead-in to Constantine, too.  It’s just not something currently on our rotations.  CBS also has some good shows that we have somehow stopped watching over the years.  Hawaii Five-O lost us due to a bad season.  Amazing Race, which is an awesome show, had the problem of not fitting in our schedule back in the day before we could record so many shows at once.  And since it was on Sundays after football, the timing was always off so we’d be lucky to get half of a show recorded.  I didn’t even realize it was a Friday night show now until I was writing this up.  I may have to start watching again.

Well folks, just one more day to go! I plan on trying to pop in to give you some opinions on the shows I listed that hadn’t started at the time of the posts.

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