The Bachelor’s Bed – book review


The Bachelor’s Bed
by Jill Shalvis
Release Date:  February 1, 2000
Publisher:  Harlequin Special Releases
Contemporary Romance - M/F
Stand Alone Book
Number of Pages:  224
Kindle Edition
Source:  borrowed from Midwest Collaborative for Library Services
Rating:  R
Read 8/23/16 to 8/24/16

I feel strange giving a Jill Shalvis book a 3 star rating, but the first half of this one was really clunky for me. This was one of her earlier works that was republished later, so I’m sure she was still working the kinks out in some ways.

Throughout the whole book the heroine, Lanie, came across as very immature. Not in a spoiled brat way, but in a head in the clouds way. From what I gathered, Lanie is in her mid to late 20’s and, although not super experienced in relationships, not a virgin. So some of the thoughts and assumptions she has kind of annoyed me. I’ve said before that I understand and don’t have a problem with insta-love in a romance because of the necessity to move the story forward. In Lanie’s case, it’s a bit too insta.

As for our hero, Colin…he’s a tough nut to crack. I didn’t dislike him, but I don’t think I got enough of his inner dialogue to really get to know him enough. When we did see the story unfold from his POV it was usually him worrying about Lanie’s reactions.

The second half of the story was much better and the characters started to come into their own finally. Lanie still bothered me sometimes, but not as bad as the first half.

Sometimes I can get nit-picky and I know that.  Here is one of the cases…I grew up in southeastern Michigan, where I currently live.  When I first married I lived in the San Diego area for 10 years.  Whenever the weather/climate was brought up in this book it bothered me.  I lived a few miles from the ocean, I lived in the desert, I lived in the foothills of a mountain, I lived many placed in San Diego County.  Although this story takes place closer to Los Angeles it’s the same general area.  Never did I think it was too humid.  I experienced about 5 thunderstorms my whole time out there.  Yet this line is in the book, “Typical of a Southern California summer, the night temperature hadn’t dropped to a comfortable level, despite the recent storm.”  It’s a pet peeve of mine to be taken out of a story because of a small fact that doesn’t ring true to me.  If the story was set in Michigan I wouldn’t have even noticed. Maybe natives of the southern California area don’t truly know what humidity, mugginess, storms are?  It was a rare evening in California that I didn’t need at least a light jacket.  I almost never even look at anything with sleeves on a Michigan summer night.  (Told you I can be nit-picky!)

My nit-picky-ness aside, this was an easy read for a lazy summer day.

3 stars

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I'm the mom of two boys and wife to my high school sweetheart. Our oldest, Josh, is living at home while working and paying off student loans. Our youngest, Griffin recently left his active duty Army job and is now National Guard here at home. He moved back to Michigan with his wife Kirsten and our beautiful granddaughter Hazel. I work part time and try to fit as much reading into my life as possible.
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