Making Her His – book review


Making Her His
by Lucy Leroux
Release Date:  November 30, 2014
Publisher:  Lucy Leroux Books
Contemporary Romance – M/F
Book #1 in the A Singular Obsession series
Number of Pages:  262
Kindle Edition
Source:  limited time free download for Kindle in August 2016
Rating:  NC-17
Read 8/30/16 to 9/1/16

This is a book I got for free during a promotion.  Sometimes I find hidden gems in these “free for a limited time” downloads.  Sometimes, not so much.

Now, it wasn’t terrible.  There were just too many things wrong with it for me to give it a higher rating or want to read any of the books further into the series.  First and foremost, my pet peeve…bad editing.  I will always forgive a book one or two editing errors.  But when I am constantly being taken out of the story because of sentences like “the busy executive floor was busy” I start to get annoyed. It can be the greatest story in the world, but a few too many of those sloppy errors and things start to fall apart for me.

I really lliked the heroine, Elynn, a lot.  She was a bit reserved but not standoffish, she was tough but not a bitch, she was smart but not smug.  As for the hero, Alex, it depended on the situation.  He could be smug and controlling and a jerk.  He could also be gentle and caring.  Far too often the controlling side took over.  And although I did understand the love Alex and Elynn found with each other, I never got the warm-fuzzies from them.

You may notice I classified this as “contemporary romance” and not “erotica”, yet technically it is considered both.  The so-called erotic scenes in this book were a bit awkward in most cases  It’s almost as if the author was just getting into the scene and got embarrassed so would wrap it up by implying what was done.  She was definitely telling us and not showing us, fi you know what I mean.  I usually would use that expression when it comes to the romance of a story, but in this case it was the sex that it applies to.

All in all I found the story interesting but the writing a bit disjointed.  I have too many other books waiting for me to continue with this author at this time.

2 stars



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