Frosh: Second Chances – book review


Frosh: Second Chances
by Monica B. Wagner
Release Date:  September 27, 2016
Publisher:  The Studio/Paper Lantern Lit
New Adult Romance M/F
Book 2 in the Frosh series
Number of Pages:  244
Kindle Edition
Source:  Net Galley ARC (advanced reader copy)
Rating:  PG-13Read 9/17/16 to 9/19/16

There’s something about this series that makes me want to find out what happens to the characters, yet there always seems to be something missing. The story and characters are great, but something seems to get lost in the execution.

While there were quite a few things that were predictable in this book, it wasn’t as obvious as the first book in the series. I also felt that the flow was better in this book, so I can see the author’s growth in writing.

Although I am aware that books need to have conflict to have a story that will keep the interest of its readers, it can get annoying when NONE OF THE CHARACTERS TALK TO EACH OTHER ABOUT THEIR ISSUES. So many problems wouldn’t be problems if that was the case. As much as that can annoy me, it was nice to have one of the characters acknowledge the fact.

The cliffhanger in this book isn’t as abrupt as the one in the first book. I appreciate that. I’m usually fine with cliffhangers if I’m pre-warned (which I wasn’t for the first book), but some seem to stop mid-sentence. We get some conclusions while there are still others up in the air when this book comes to an end, but it wasn’t abrupt. It ends at a nice place that didn’t leave me mad.

Devon was back to giving me whiplash in this book, but we also get to meet her mom and kind of understand her a bit more. The Devon/Charlie storyline broke my heart while giving me hope that Devon is going to eventually find her heart. I just adore Charlie and want him to be happy.  He went through a lot in this story.

I didn’t totally understand how Ellie was to blame for all that happened between the end of book one and the beginning of book two. Don’t get me wrong, I understand why the students treated her the way they did (although I don’t agree with or condone their actions). Young adults can be jerks and there is a mob mentality that often takes hold on college campuses. But once all was explained, I don’t really understand Grant’s actions or the actions of the school officials. I guess all that happened needed to happen for the story to make sense. But still, it confused me a bit.

Before I wrap this up, can we discuss the cover please?  Is it just me or does it look like the woman on the cover is trying to give the guy mouth-to-mouth?  Not sexy at all.

All in all, the story and characters are interesting enough that I will continue this series with the hopes the writing will continue to smooth out along the way.

3 stars


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