A SEAL’s Seduction – book review


A SEAL’s Seduction
by Tawny Weber
Release Date:  April 1, 2013
Publisher:  Harlequin
Book #1 in the Uniformly Hot SEALs series
Number of pages:  229
Kindle Edition
Source: borrowed from MCL
Contemporary Romance M/F
Rating: XXX
Read 10/15/16 to 10/16/16

It really pains me to give this book such a low rating, but I couldn’t justify giving it more. The story concept was great. The characters were great (for the most part, more on that soon). If you have read a lot of my reviews you know that I’m a stickler for little details. Things other people may not notice but that will drive me crazy.

The hero of this story, Blake, is a Navy SEAL. Now this first annoyance that I ran across is something I could be totally wrong about. Blake is often referred to as a soldier, as well as other Navy men being called soldiers. My husband was in the Navy for 10 years, we were together when he enlisted so I was a Navy wife all those years. His brother served 25 years in the Navy. In all those years, around all those sailors, I never heard a sailor called a soldier. Never. Not even once. Again, it could be the SEAL aspect (I did meet some SEALs but never in an official capacity, only in a relaxed environment) that I am not in the know. But for someone with such a background as mine, it bothered me.

I started out really loving the heroine, Alexia. She is smart, fun, strong, fiery, sexy. But once she realized who Blake really is she started getting on my nerves. I had some sympathy for her because her dad really is a douche. But for her to judge all sailors on her perception of her father is quite unfair. Toward the end, she also seemed to jump to conclusions more than a middle school pre-teen who is in lust with the cute boy who sits next to her.

Now it would seem, at this point, that I didn’t like this book. I actually really enjoyed so many aspects of the story. I read it very quickly and found it hard to put down. I just do not like being taken out of the story by stupid errors. Misspelling a country’s name, describing a character as having “an obvious underbite” in the first chapter only to say she has a “sexy overbite” toward the end of the book, and calling a sailor a soldier throughout…those are things that took me out of the story. It was too many times for me to overlook.

Tawny Weber is a new-to-me author so I am more than willing to give her the benefit of the doubt due to the chemistry and storyline of this book, so I will definitely be giving her writing another try.   This was actually the first book out of the Sexy SEAL box set that includes the first four books in this series but I’m going to review and rate them on their individual merits.

2 stars


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