Tempting Tristan – book review


Tempting Tristan
Melissa Foster
Release Date:  October 19, 2016
Publisher:  World Literary Press
Contemporary Romance M/M
Book #43 of the Harborside Nights series and #57 of the Love in Bloom series
Number of Pages:  300
Kindle Edition
Source:  Purchased through Amazon
Rating:  XXX
Read 10/20/16 to 10/21/16

The beginning of this book was such a disappointment to me. I loved the characters and the story, but there were some continuity issues that were driving me absolutely insane! By halfway through I was a bit afraid I’d have to give this a very low rating. It’s still not getting a great rating from me, but the last half was awesome and my history with Melissa Foster’s writing made up my mind to be a bit lenient.

The chemistry between Tristan and Alex is OFF.THE.CHARTS! I love them as a couple. Two big, tough, hard-bodied guys who are soft as pudding on the inside. What’s not to love? Plus, I’m a sucker for a man in uniform.

I have a lot of military family and my son is actually in the Army, so in some ways my mind wanted to rebel against anything bad said against our military. And at first it kind of did because I almost felt there were things bordering on disrespect. I felt better when Tristan kept on Alex about what makes a hero. And I truly did understand Alex’s thoughts and bad feelings as he had spent his military career hiding his true self…of course that left a bitter taste in his mouth. I shouldn’t have worried as much as I did because, as usual, this author is a whiz at turning things around and showing a progression in the character’s thoughts.

As for the continuity, I’ve made it known my reviews that lack of continuity is a pet-peeve of mine. If the author and/or editors don’t care enough to make sure the timeline adds up it seems disrespectful to the reader. And in this case it truly pained me that there were so many issues with the timeline since I love this author. An example (which isn’t even the first instance in the book): beginning of the chapter references how busy Friday afternoons are at the bar, character goes home and talks to roommate who asks if he’s bringing his guy to the party Tuesday…which would be 4 days away. He then explains how they invited people over for tomorrow. Ummm….tomorrow is Saturday, not Tuesday. There are multiple times this happen in the first half of the book. I’m so glad it got better in the last half of the book.

Another issue; a big deal is made when Alex first appears among the friends working at the bar that day because his is so gorgeous. He has such a commanding presence he can’t possibly be gay. What?!? I know the author probably used this scene to try to make a point about stereotypes, but by then having the gay character go along with this thought actually does the opposite. Why perpetuate a stereotype like this? I don’t understand and I’m disappointed the author took this route.

The romance and story are so good they truly do override the bad things I have listed above. Alex has so much to deal with and Tristan is so sweet and patient. On the other hand, Tristan is very untrusting and unsure of his instincts and Alex helps him to see he deserves a wonderful relationship.  At times it can be a bit confusing because it is written from an alternating first person point of view.  She sometimes it can take a beat to remember if your in Tristan’s or Alex’s head.  I used to hate alternating first person POV, but have come to actually like it a bit more than I ever thought I would.  It just doesn’t work when the characters are the same sex.  To many “he” statements where you have to figure out who “he” is.

I was glad to see a bit more of the friends in this book than we did in the second book as I missed seeing them as much in the 2nd book of the series. I can’t wait to read Brandon’s story but I don’t think he’s next. I guess that just gives us more time to read his shenanigans.

Again, I love Melissa Foster’s writing and this story sucked me in and held me captive. I just wish there were so many errors in the beginning.

2.5 stars

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