Wicked Ways – book review


Wicked Ways: A Begging for Bad Boys Collection
by multiple authors – see review for details
Release Date:  October 16, 2016
Publisher: Begging for Bad Boys Publishing
Erotic Romance M/F with one M/F/M story
Compilation of 12 short stories
Number of Pages:  738
Kindle Edition
Source:  Amazon Free Download
Rating:  XXX
Read 11/25/16 to 12/9/16

I had some high hopes of finding some new-to-me authors with this compilation.  I’m sorry to say it was quite the disappointment.  I love the idea of a group of authors that write the same genre getting together to write multiple short stories that flow together into one larger story.  The attempt was there, but the execution was terrible in this book.  I kept reading though, hoping to find the diamond in the rough.  Unfortunately, there is only one author in the bunch that stood out to me.  Now, if you want a book that’s sex, sex, and more sex with little to no story that makes sense…this is your book!  Here’s my breakdown.

Bad Boy Next Door by Willow Winters

This book didn’t isn’t starting off strong for me.  I was not a fan of the writing on this one.  It’s not that I have a problem with a first person point of view; it was the way this particular first person was written.  And the first real sex scene seemed very abrupt and took the character of Ryker from likeable to insensitive in an instant.  I get that these characters have a history so there was no need for a bunch of getting to know you stuff, but it just felt disjointed from the very beginning.  – 1 star

Playing for Keeps by Lauren Landish

Much better than the first story in its writing style.  I liked the honesty of Jake as to why he never gave Cassie the time of day while they were in high school.  They actually have a pretty sweet story, although I thought Cassie’s reaction to Jake’s initial pick-up lines was a bit over the time since it’s what she wanted anyway.  The story also had a pretty natural ending point, yet didn’t end there.  Nothing that was important for this story occurred after that point.  It remains to be seen if it will be crucial to one of the other stories that are coming up. – 2.5 stars

Owned By the Baller by Bella Love-Wins

I really enjoyed this story; it didn’t seem quite as disjointed as the others so far.  I don’t know if that’s because I have some background now, but I don’t really think that’s the reason.  The only real issue I have with this one is it seems to contradict some points made in the other stories.  More than once it was said there were only a couple of football players invited to the party, yet in this story there is a whole slew of them.  And it seemed odd that Reese wasn’t mentioned in the other stories.  As for this actual storyline, I get that Mary Anne is supposed to have wanted Levi all along, but it’s not really played up enough in the beginning of this story.  Her anger and hatred don’t seem to just mask her desire; they make it seem as if there is no desire. – 3 stars

The Professor and Madison by Isabella Starling

Whoa, now that I would deem erotica.  Some light BDSM and a lot of graphic talk between the characters.  It even had a tiny bit of a plot.  Although, once again, there are some plot holes.  Like the Professor aka Liam acting as though this is the first time they’ve had a Halloween party.  And there was definitely the air of mystery and magic missing in this one.  There very ending was a bit confusing and really didn’t make sense.  The stars on this one are purely for the sex scenes.  – 2 stars

First Time’s the Charm by Vivian Wood

Not only are there plot holes in this one (seriously, is it warm and sticky that night or windy and chilly?), but apparently one of the main characters had a total personality change.  Madison, the lead in the previous story, is a totally different person here.  Plus, the ending that didn’t make sense now makes even less sense once I read this story.  This was one of the strangest “losing the virginity” stories I’ve read.  Somehow I still ended up liking the characters themselves, but the story was very convoluted and awkward. – 2 stars

Triple Threat by B.B. Hamel

This one is a M/F/M ménage story.  I was not a fan of the characters for the most part.  For someone who is supposed to be pretty straight-laced, Elle does a 180 pretty quickly.  I kind of liked Braden, but the author gave Mason no real redeeming qualities.  And as much as I can be all for dirty talk, there is a difference between talking dirty and being demeaning.  The way these guys talk to Elle before they get involved with her, it just seems too farfetched that she’d give them the go-ahead.  There are a couple of decent sex scenes, but the banter between Braden and Mason is a bit too over the top and really kind of takes away from those scenes. The drug use is also a part of the story that isn’t really needed and makes it even more ridiculous since Braden is on the football team.  Plus, the plot holes continue in this story.  Now they’re drinking cheap beer and hunting down the good stuff while in previous stories there were waiters with good quality champagne.   – 1.5 stars

Bump in the Night by Roxie Noir

I really liked this one a lot.  It’s a sweeter story about two best friends admitting that they love each other.  Don’t worry, there is still a steamy scene included.  There’s a bit with Zelda’s top hat about halfway through that I found cute.  At the beginning I was thinking that again they were going to forgo continuity by drinking from a flask Logan had with him, but there is a scene where they realize there is champagne at the party and they just hadn’t seen it yet.  So that made me feel better since I’ve been getting so frustrated with the holes between the stories. – 4 stars

Wicked Tease by Aubrey Irons

There were a few things that irked me in the beginning about Addy.  Her dad’s a politician and she’s a poli-sci major yet she starts quoting a famous JFK speech incorrectly.  Then she uses a word that these days nobody uses unless their uneducated douche bags.  So I did not have high hopes for the story to get any better even though I liked the premise of this one.  I was wrong and I ended up really enjoying this story of two childhood friends who went in opposite directions in high school realizing they always loved each other.  Some of the writing was a bit rough, but the story came together nicely in the end. – 3 stars

Cops and Robbers by Tessa Thorne

The storyline and premise of this story are both good.  There’s even continuity with the other stories in the anthology.  But, there are holes within the story that cannot be overlooked.  One of them being the confusion about how long Boone and Callie have been in college and, in particular, how long they’ve been at that college.  It seems to change throughout the story and that is annoying.  The rest is great though. – 3 stars

Phantom by Penelope Bloom

This story struck me as unbelievable even more than the others.  It’s not that I expect these stories to be realistic and I don’t even want them to be realistic.  But for goodness sake, Sophia is a virgin and this just doesn’t seem to be what her experience would really be for her first time.  I like that Reid ends up really falling for her (which has nothing to do with her being a virgin) and how respectful he is to the things she wants to accomplish.  Sophia, on the other hand, is quite annoying with as much as she thinks about her scholarship.  You don’t have to live like a monk just because you’re on scholarship! – 2 stars

Always His Bad Girl by Amelia Wilde

Jackson and Alyssa have great chemistry.  As much as the last story seemed so unrealistic, I actually know people with similar scenarios to this relationship.  Well, to their break up anyway.  (Those damn sororities!)  The BDSM in this story is low-key but sexy. – 3.5 stars

Against the Rules by Sophie Brooks

Oh boy, this one had so many grammar and spelling errors I lost count!  The chapters throughout this whole book have a character name so we know who’s POV we’re seeing.  The name of the female character in this story is Kaylee.  One of the chapters was titled Kayla…they couldn’t even get the names straight!  The shame is that it’s a sexy and sweet story, but I cannot give it a good rating due to the numerous mistakes. – 1.5 stars

One of the big disappointments over all in this book is the professor.  That is, the first professor we meet that doesn’t get his own story for some reason.  Not to mention their niece who also seemed like she should have gotten her own tale.  It’s like a few things were hinted at here and there but nothing ever came of them.  That’s frustrating.

One last note: The cover of this book is in no way indicative of ANY of the characters or stories within the book.  It catches the eye though, doesn’t it? So I guess it did its job.

2.416 stars

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