The Space Between Sisters – book review


The Space Between Sisters
by Mary McNear
Release Date:  June 14, 2016
Publisher:  William Morrow Paperbacks
Book #3 of the Butternut Lake series
Number of pages:  336
Source: Warren Public Library
Contemporary Romance M/F
Rating: PG-13
Read 12/16/16 to 12/19/16

This book was a bit different from the other books in the Butternut Lake series.  It’s not only about Poppy and her love life or Win and her love life.  It’s about both of them and their love lives and, more importantly, their sisterly bond. 

I’ll be honest, halfway through and I still wasn’t quite sure if I liked Poppy.  The secret she carried around with her was obvious pretty quickly so that helped me forgive some of her behavior even before it was fully revealed.  But really, she is quite selfish through a lot of this book.  I get that she went through something and I understand how that shapes her relationships with not only men, but also her sister.  But I don’t get how that makes her think it’s okay to leave her crap all over the cabin, not help out with the day to day upkeep of the place, or let her cat into her sister’s bedroom…whether she believes Win is really allergic or not.  Somehow she grew on me, and maybe that’s because I could see her grow up as the story progressed.

The story is about both sisters, but it’s not really a 50/50 split.  I wish we would have gotten a bit more about Win and her struggles.  Some of my favorite parts are between Win and Everett.  Those conversations (and quiet times) seem so real; almost more romantic that anything else in this book. That’s why I wish there would have been more.

I like the relationship between Sam and his ex-wife.  We never actually “meet” her, but we get peeks into the bond they still share and the respect they have for each other as the mutual parents to their children.  It was refreshing to have a divorced dad as a main love interest without having a crazy ex.

As I mentioned in my review of Moonlight on Butternut Lake, the first two books of this series were a bit talky.  This one dipped back into a bit too much detail and I found myself skimming here and there, but for the most part it was a smooth flow.  I feel as though I’ve been experiencing the author’s growth in her craft as this series progresses and I love that.

3.5 stars

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