Undeniably Yours – book review


Undeniably Yours
by Shannon Stacey
Release Date:  November 1, 2010
Publisher: Carina Press
Contemporary Romance M/F
Book #2 in the Kowalski Family series
Number of Pages:  381
Kindle Edition
Source:  borrowed from MCL
Rating:  R
Read 12/26/16 to 12/27/16

I’m so glad I decided to go back to this series.  I really enjoyed this book.  It’s actually a two-for-one with a side story about Kevin’s bartender/friend Paulie.  The story of Paulie isn’t really needed, but I actually enjoyed getting to know her better.

This book gave me all kinds of feels.  Kevin is so sweet and had been through such a rough time with a previous relationship.  Having read the first book in the series, I couldn’t help but love him.  The word prickly was used to describe Beth a couple of times, but even with her sometimes fitting that description I still knew where she was coming from to a certain extent.  Not that I agreed with her, but I did understand her.

I am not one that has a problem with insta-love.  It’s something I understand is often needed to drive a story.  This story is one of few that I’ve read in the contemporary romance genre that didn’t have to use that device though.  The story spans almost a whole year and we get to see the interaction of Kevin and Beth as lovers, friends, and finally parents.  We get to see the ebb and flow of their relationship growing as Beth’s belly grows.  Just as I think it somewhat snuck up on them the extent of their feelings snuck up on me a bit, too.  There is a scene in the hospital just after Lily is born that just gut-punched me and made me want to yell “WHY!!!!” to Beth all while giving Kevin a huge hug.

Although this has nothing to do with how I felt overall with this story, there is a scene at the beginning with Beth’s boss that really stood out to me.  With everything going on in the world lately, discussions on “locker room talk” and what is appropriate and what is not acceptable, it’s important to note that the way Beth’s boss treats her is NOT OKAY!  I believe Shannon Stacey gets that point across with the way Kevin reacts to the situation.  But it was so real to me the way Beth reacted to the issue.  I wanted to take her aside and tell her it doesn’t matter who he is or how much she needs her job, he cannot treat her that way.  And he cannot fire her for anything that happened that night!  On the flip side, I love how her other boss responded to the Kowalski brothers request at Joe’s wedding.  That was the appropriate way to handle the situation.  Okay, I’ll step off my soapbox now.

I really loved this story and, like I said at the beginning, I’m glad I returned to this series.

4.5 stars


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I'm the mom of two boys and wife to my high school sweetheart. Our oldest, Josh, is 24 and living at home while working. He just finished trade school for media arts and is looking for a job that will be a career so he can get out on his own. In the meantime he's got a steady job with benefits. Our youngest, Griffin, is 20 and in the Army. He just got married so I have also gained a daughter. Unfortunately, he is stationed in Washington so they're across the country from us. I was lucky enough to have the option of leaving the work force a few years ago, but recently went back part-time to learn a new trade working at a small family owned coffee shop.
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