Hang Tough – book review


Hang Tough
by Lorelei James
Release Date:  November 1, 2016
Publisher:  Berkley
Book #8 in the Blacktop Cowboys series
Number of pages:  352
Kindle Edition
Source: borrowed from MCL
Contemporary Romance M/F
Rating: NC-17
Read 1/19/17 to 1/21/17

If you read this series, more than likely you love Tobin.  As is said in this book a few times, he’s a “good guy”, a “boy scout” even.  Poor Tobin, always overlooked for the other men of Muddy Gap.  One of the wonderful things about Tobin is how much he cares about the Mud Lilies and is always there to get them out of trouble.  (Hence, the “good guy” label.)  The way things went down in the previous book, Wrapped and Strapped, broke my heart for Tobin. 

In this story, Tobin is ready to move on.  Out of Muddy Gap, away from his friends who tend to take him for granted, away from a town that doesn’t have anyone he sees himself spending his future with.  Of course, good guy that he is, he puts his plans on hold to help one of the Mud Lilies.  Garnet is nothing if not eccentric, but Tobin knows she shouldn’t be packed up and moved into a home. 

Garnet’s granddaughter, Jade, confused me for a bit.  I wanted to hate her but could tell there was something good about her.  Like Tobin pointed out, if she’s so close to grandma why has nobody met her before?  It kept me in a state of distrust for a bit with Jade.

You’d have to be blind to not see the sparks that instantly flew between Tobin and Jade.  I love how their story progressed out of respect for each other and not just lust.  It was quick, but it made a lot of sense.  They tried to keep their feeling under wraps but everyone who saw them together knew what was going on.  There own efforts to keep their relationship above the clothes somehow ended up being super steamy.  The two of them just fit together.

There is a surprise at the end, but I think it’s something you kind of know as you’re reading.  It was still fun to get the details of the how and why.

We meet Tobin’s family and learn a bit about them in this story.  I wanted to punch his dad and oldest brother through the pages of my book!  But I’m glad he will get to mend some fences with his other brother, Streeter.  This book seemed to be setting up the Riss/Ike story for the future, but I’d also like to see Streeter get his HEA someday.

One note for those who regularly read Lorelei James: I actually waffled between giving this an R rating or the NC-17 rating.  It’s quite tame compared to her other books, although still smoking hot.

3.5 stars


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