Bad News Cowboy – book review


Bad News Cowboy
Maisey Yates
Release Date:  July 28, 2015
Publisher: HQN Books
Contemporary Romance M/F
Book #3 in the Copper Ridge series
Number of Pages:  507
Kindle Edition
Source:  borrowed from MCL
Rating:  XXX
Read 1/25/17 to 1/27/17

Gah!  So many feelings!  This book just about ripped my heart out of my chest and stomped on it a few times.  But it was so, so good.

I am so totally in love with Jack Monaghan.  The fears he has, when trying to decide what to do about his physical attraction to Kate, in regards to his best friends, are heartrending.  To grow up the black sheep of the entire community and have only these great guys as family has to be tough.  Then to make a decision that could cause that friendship to fracture is incredible.

I appreciate that once that was put to Kate she understood.  She wasn’t happy about some of the decisions Jack made due to his fears of losing his only family, but she did understand his point of view.  Yet as much as I love Eli and Connor, there were a few times I wanted them to back up and think before they spoke.

The fears that Kate has been holding in her whole life made me cry like a baby.  First when she admitted some of them to Jack; and later when she admitted some even deeper fears to herself and Connor.  I truly think I spent the last 25% of this book in tears.  Sometimes just running down my cheeks, sometimes out-and-out sobbing. 

One of my favorite things about Jack and Kate is their honesty.  They always spoke their mind to each other before the relationship started and they made a conscious decision to keep doing that after they got involved.  Of course there were things that were confused or misconstrued, but that was more because they didn’t know their own minds.  They never lied to each other on purpose.

It took months on a waiting list to get this book from the library.  I am so glad I didn’t give up.  I love this series!

5 stars

Reminder:  I have book club this weekend.  We’re going to be discussing My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry by Fredrik Backman.  My review and a recap of our discussion will be posted in about a week.  (Full disclosure: I haven’t finished the book as of yet!)

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