A Copper Ridge Christmas – book review


A Copper Ridge Christmas
Maisey Yates
Release Date:  November 1, 2015
Publisher: HQN Books
Contemporary Romance M/F
Book #3.4 in the Copper Ridge series
Number of Pages:  91
Kindle Edition
Source:  borrowed from MCL
Rating:  NC-17
Read 1/30/17

A good Christmas story always gets me.  Usually I’m disappointed when such stories are not “Christmasy” enough.  In this case, although Christmas was a central point but, the overall tone didn’t smack of Christmas to me.  I still loved it!

The chemistry between Ryan and Holly (I love when the characters in Christmas books have Christmasy names!) is off the charts.  Holly is inexperienced in a lot of ways, but she has a spirit that can’t be tamped down.  She knows what she wants and once she decides to go after it she doesn’t let up.  Of course, she can’t see that in herself.  The way both of these characters grew up leaves so much baggage behind, but that’s why they’re perfect for each other.  They can understand each other better than anyone else.

Not only was the chemistry well written; the angst also tore my guts out.  Both of Ryan and Holly were so proud of each other and were oblivious to their own good qualities.  They were protective of each other yet didn’t feel like they deserved the same kindness.  Maisey Yates accomplished a lot within a very short page count without me feeling as though the story was being rushed.

One thing that kept throwing me off throughout the book was the ages.  That is honestly why I knocked off a half star here.  The most consistent thing about their ages was the mention, more than once, that they are 4 years apart.  Yet when their actually ages are mentioned things don’t add up.  It was a bit confusing and timelines are a thing I tend to get picky about.

Due to the next novella, Hometown Heartbreaker book 3.5, being unavailable at my local library cooperative and my online library I will most likely have to skip it and go to book 4.  I don’t mind paying for books from authors I love, but the price I’m finding at this time is a bit much for a book that’s less than 100 pages.  Since I still haven’t found a job to help supplement our income I just can’t justify the expense at this time.  If it were to ever go on sale I’ll be scooping it up though! (I’m also skipping Alone With You, book 6.5 in the Kowalski Family series by Shannon Stacey for the same reason.)

4.5 stars

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I'm the mom of two boys and wife to my high school sweetheart. Our oldest, Josh, is living at home while working and paying off student loans. Our youngest, Griffin recently left his active duty Army job and is now National Guard here at home. He moved back to Michigan with his wife Kirsten and our beautiful granddaughter Hazel. I work part time and try to fit as much reading into my life as possible.
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