Inked on Paper – book review

Inked on Paper
by Nicole Edwards
Release Date:  January 12, 2016
Publisher: Nicole Edwards Limited
Contemporary Romance M/F
Number of Pages:  508
Kindle Edition
Source:  purchased on Amazon
Rating:  XXX
Read 2/2/17 – 2/4/17

From reading the blurb on this book you may not realize it’s actually a book within a book.  The hero, Jake, is attempting to write a book before the deadline from his publisher when he meets Presley.  So the reader gets snippets, chunks, and sometimes whole scenes of what he’s writing as the story moves along.  Jake’s real story with Presley, although not the same, is interwoven with the story he is writing. At the end of the actual Jake/Presley book is the polished and finished book that Jake wrote.  So I stopped reading after the Jake/Presley portion of the story to write my review.  I then finished the story that was written by Jake, the book within the book, and added to my review.

This story is so tender and sweet.  To see these two wonderful people slogging through the baggage they carry in order to see that they ARE worth something.  It’s hard for me to explain what I mean by that.  I just feel that Presley has so many friends that really love her and think she’s great.  It’s not something they run around shouting from the rooftops, but it’s apparent in all of their actions.  But she can’t see that because deep down inside she doesn’t believe that.  To a certain extent, the same can be said for Jake.  Both of them hold a bit of themselves back because they don’t want to bring the other one down, when everyone else around them knows they’re both beautiful inside and out and can only bring that beauty out in each other.

I wasn’t particularly happy with Gil and Gavin (especially Gil) because I felt they were disrespectful to Presley in how they went about their sex lives.  In every other way they obviously love and care about her, but I don’t think it’s too much to ask for them to go to their bedrooms!  I think these aspects of the story show how Presley doesn’t really assert herself to the extent that she should in fear of being left; that fear that she’s not important enough.

I would have loved to see more of Jake’s niece Abby.  From the little we get to see them together it’s obvious they are important to each other.  The way Jake grew up and his relationships with his mom, sister, and niece are all things that shaped him but weren’t touched on as much as Presley personal life was delved into.  It didn’t hurt the story, it’s just an observation I have.

I want to note one thing that I was so glad was included.  There is an observation in the shower about the height difference and the logistics.  Thank you!!!  I never understand how shower scenes work if you have a regular size standard bath/shower.  I always wondered if it’s because I’m 5’2” with a husband over 6 feet tall or if every shower we ever had was smaller and more slippery than normal, lol.

I thoroughly enjoyed Unexpected, Jake’s book within this book.  I loved the snippets we saw as he was writing so was looking forward to see it all put together.  It’s about 65 pages long, so it’s a short story really.  You get most of the story from Jake’s writing along the way but it’s great to see it what was added to round out the story.  The epilogue alone is worth reading the story.  It was awesome!  I think by the end I was almost as invested in Kora and Donovan as I had been in Presley and Donovan.

The style of this book was definitely unique and really showed Nicole Edwards’ writing chops.  I’ve enjoyed all of her work so far, but this put a fun spin on things.

5 stars

**Although I mention in my review a few things that bothered me about the story, the unique style of writing and the way both stories blended so seamlessly knocked those stars right back up!

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