Rules of Contact – book review

Rules of Contact
by Jaci Burton
Release Date:  December 6, 2016
Publisher: Berkley
Contemporary Romance/Sports M/F
Book #12 in the Play-by-Play series
Number of Pages:  336
Kindle Edition
Source:  borrowed from MCL
Rating:  XXX
Read 3/21/17 – 3/22/17

Yes!  This book makes me so happy.  I haven’t done a review on a book in the Play-by-Play series since before I started regularly blogging.  Unless you follow me on Goodreads you won’t know that, although I love this series as a whole, I’ve been a bit disheartened with it after the last few books.  But I loved our introduction to Flynn and Amelia in Unexpected Rush and high hopes for them as a couple.  Yes! Yes! Yes!  I’m doing a happy dance that it seems Jaci Burton got her groove back with this story.

Flynn and Amelia both have thoughts that they shouldn’t start a relationship but are just so relaxed with each other and drawn to each; it’s wonderful.  The relationship seems to happen quite organically and just seems right.  They both have fears, Amelia more than Flynn, and have to wrestle some inner demons.  For the most part they are able to do that with ease since when they’re with each other everything just clicks.

After my dislike of the heroine in the last book in this series, Amelia is like a breath of fresh air.  She has some resistance to a relationship or falling in love, but she has good reason and she finds a way to deal with her issues.  She’s really great at drawing that line in the sand between what is work and what is their relationship without making Flynn feel bad or making their coupling seem like a dirty secret.  Amelia really has a great head on her shoulders.

In some of the other books that dealt with the Cassidy siblings I’ve complained about their over-the-top ribbing (to the point of cruelty) of each other.  It was quite a bit toned down in the last book and in this book it seems to be evened out to a more natural level.  Like how siblings really will be with each other when they like each other.

This couple made so much sense and really seemed to “get” each other that when the bit of conflict was thrown in it really seemed out of character.  I understand the concept of why Flynn would react a certain way but it just seemed like such a leap from where his head was at the second before it happened.  I totally understood Amelia’s side since it did seem so out of character for Flynn.  Luckily, that issue didn’t last too terribly long and I absolutely adored the way Flynn went about apologizing for his actions.  To. Die. For!

I have to say, although it is mentioned often throughout the last few books of this series that Nathan (the kid from the very first book, The Perfect Play) is grown up and playing college ball, I’m going to have to wrap my head around the fact that Nathan Riley is an actual adult.  The next book is a Nathan and Mia pairing!  What!?!  Now to somehow wait until the fall to read how that plays out…

4 stars

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