Finding Our Forever – book review

Finding Our Forever
by Brenda Novak
Release Date:  3/21/17
Publisher:  Harlequin
Book #1 of the Silver Springs series
Number of pages:  219
Source: Goodreads Giveaway
Contemporary Romance M/F
Rating:  XXX
Read 4/12/17 to 4/13/17

I was super excited to win this book in a Goodreads giveaway!  Every day I ran to check the mail to check for it until it finally came!  I love Brenda Novak stories so I couldn’t wait to dig into this one.  

Before I get into my review of the book, can we take a moment to talk about that cover? Gorgeous! The colors and composition just make me happy.  I’ve seen the cover for the next book in the series and it’s just as vibrant.

I was a little surprised when I discovered this book is only around 200 pages.  Just because most of this author’s books tend to be closer to 400 pages.  Because of the length relationship between Cora and Elijah accelerates pretty quickly.  Yet it makes sense.  Plus, they acknowledge how fast things are going.  Really, Cora and Eli are great with each other and seem to fit.

It was a bit odd to me that at one point I felt as though Cora was dragging out her secret a bit too long considering I found the book to be on the short side.  But as she says (to herself) at one point, there is not good time to drop such a secret on people you care about.  I love the reaction Eli has when she does finally come clean, it’s a bit different than would be expected.

There are quite a few things throughout this story that had me on edge.  Mostly because I kept waiting for Cora’s secret to come out at a very inconvenient time.  I couldn’t stand her ex-boyfriend and he was my greatest point of anxiety.  Everything I kept expecting to happen didn’t happen so I was kept on my toes.  I have to admit I was constantly trying to figure out why Cora’s birth mother, Aiyana, gave her up for adoption.  The more we get to know her the more it doesn’t make sense.  Trust me, it is not what you think!  But it absolutely makes sense once you know the truth.

One thing that I found was a bit too skimmed over is Eli’s relationship with his birth mother.  It doesn’t seem to me that was fully explored.  Plus, the personality of the woman leads me to believe things would not be resolved at this point.  I guess it’s a possibility that we’ll see something of that particular relationship in later books, but somehow, I doubt it.  It bothers me that I feel that situation is still very much up in the air.

From what I can tell, there will be another three books in this series released in 2017.  They’re all much longer books and don’t all seem to deal with the New Horizons Boys Ranch, although they are all set in the town of Silver Springs.  That makes me hopeful that we’ll be seeing more of Eli’s brothers.

3.5 stars

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