Hard to Handle – book review

Hard to Handle
by Nicole Edwards
Release Date:  July 11, 2017
Publisher: Nicole Edwards Limited
Contemporary Romance M/F*
Book #2 of the Cain Cousins series
Number of Pages:  284
Kindle Edition
Source:  purchased from Amazon
Rating:  XXX
Read 7/11/17 to 7/12/17

The dreaded day has come.  I have officially read all the works of Nicole Edwards with no new release in sight for about three months!  It may be time for a re-read.  Especially since the author had a bunch of her books for 99 cents (side note: how the heck do you make the cent symbol and why isn’t it one of the characters on a keyboard?) I got my son’s fiancée Inked on Paper to introduce her to the wonderful world of Ms. Edwards.  I told her if she likes it I’ll loan her the others and she should read them in order of publication.  Sounds like a perfect time for a re-read to me!

Now onto this particular book.  Of course, I was already in love with both Reagan and Lynx from the first book, Hard to Hold.  I loved reading about them finishing their 10-year journey to find love.  I got plenty of warm-fuzzies throughout this story and that can only be a good thing.

That being said, I was not as enthralled with this story as a while as I was the first story in the series.  I don’t know if it’s because I already knew all of the characters and knew most of their back story.  Or maybe I just didn’t find the pairing as exciting as the ménage of the first book?  Don’t misunderstand…Reagan and Lynx are HOT.  But really, how can that compete with a steamy ménage love?  (*Note: there is a Wolfe/Rhys/Amy scene so, although the main story is a M/F story, there is a M/M/F scene included.)  I don’t know what it was, but I did find the first book better.  I still absolutely loved this book…just not as much.

The tie-in with the Southern Boy Mafia series in this book made so much sense.  It helped things have a satisfying ending without compromising the morals and values of the core characters in this series.  In a way it was a bit too tidy after all the Caine Cousins and their significant others had been through, but after finishing the story I feel it was the best way to draw that chapter of their lives to a close.

So now the countdown begins to October, when I’ll finally get my hands on Bad Reputation.  How will I get through?!?

4 stars

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I'm the mom of two boys and wife to my high school sweetheart. Our oldest, Josh, is living at home while working and paying off student loans. Our youngest, Griffin recently left his active duty Army job and is now National Guard here at home. He moved back to Michigan with his wife Kirsten and our beautiful granddaughter Hazel. I work part time and try to fit as much reading into my life as possible.
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