July Book Stats


Books Read:  8
Books Acquired:  154

Most Read Genre: Contemporary Romance = 8

So, as you can see, all the books I read fell under the same category.  With one also having the addition of “western” added to its genre of contemporary romance.

You all knew I’d have low numbers with the wedding last month.  I’m actually surprised I read 8 whole books!  There are a couple of books I partially read on top of those 8, too.

Another month with only one book rated 5 stars, but still no bad reads in the bunch.  My one 5 star book was The Scars Between Us by M.K. Schiller.


There were actually two books that got a 4.5 rating from me.  Jilted by Sawyer Bennet and Stud by Jamie K. Schmidt.  Plus, still two more with 4 star ratings.  Like I said, no bad reads in the bunch last month.


Last month all my books were read on my Kindle.  I was on the go way too much to get to read any of my paperbacks.

Net Galley = 4
MCL = 2
Kindle Lending Library = 1
Amazon Purchase = 1

All of the books I read in July were from different authors, none of them new to me this time.  At least none that I finished.  See my review on The Gender Agenda and this post for more information on that.


All of the books I read in July were pretty recent.  In fact, Lead by Kylie Scott, which was published in 2014, was the oldest book I read.

As you can imagine, my page count was WAY down…even from June which was a lean month also.  I only read 2306 pages in July!  The shortest book, at 200 pages, was His Leading Lady by Maggie Dallen. While the longest book, at 385, was Wild Cowboy Ways by an author I gave a second chance, Carolyn Brown.


My average star rating was quite respectable, just over 4 stars.  None of the books were rated under 3.5 in July.  That’s pretty good!

I only read one of the books I acquired in July, Hard to Handle by Nicole Edwards.


Total books actually purchased in July = 3 (Two through Amazon directly and one on Amazon through a deal I saw in a Goodreads email)
Total money spent on books in July = $6.97

As I said before, I only read one of those three books purchased so the amount I spent on books actually read in July was $3.99.

I got 99 of the 154 books in July through my Book Bub email links.  My Kindle First book for July was Secondborn by Amy A. Bartol.  I got a whopping 22 books through links in a few different author newsletters, just one through the Just Add Spice newsletter, and 4 through Net Galley.  I know I owe you tons of info on my other main source I had been using…and now there are a couple more to add to that.  Now that my son’s wedding is over I’m hoping to get more time to tell you about these sources soon.  Regardless, I got 10 through the email newsletter I had told you about previously, 5 through another email source I just started getting, one other from another email source, and 7 through a website I used to use that I totally forgot about until recently.  Plus, I won a giveaway on Facebook and won a book that way!  Woot!


Here’s a breakdown of July’s books by genre:

7            BDSM
97          contemporary romance
4            dystopia
26          erotica
17          fantasy
20          historical romance
2            medieval
5            military
2            mystery
17          new adult
14          paranormal
6            regency
2            science fiction
6            sports
10          suspense
1            thriller
5            western
9            YA

Are your summer plans keeping your from your reading, or are they helping your reading along?  (I fantasize about finding time for relaxing in a hammock with a book!)

About Cheri

I'm the mom of two boys and wife to my high school sweetheart. Our oldest, Josh, is living at home while working and paying off student loans. Our youngest, Griffin recently left his active duty Army job and is now National Guard here at home. He moved back to Michigan with his wife Kirsten and our beautiful granddaughter Hazel. I work part time and try to fit as much reading into my life as possible.
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