August Book Stats


Books Read:  16

Books Acquired:  163

Most Read Genre: Contemporary Romance = 15

Although only one book from August didn’t fall under the contemporary romance genre, I had a bit of a mix in there.  There were a few with the subcategory Sports as well as one in Western and one in Suspense.  Not to mention the one non-romance that was a dystopian adult fiction.  I got more of a mix this month than I have been lately.  Of course, that could be because I’m back to a steadier reading schedule again.  The wedding was over, my husband helped the kids move across the country so he was gone, and my mother-in-law had some doctor appointments so I spent time in waiting rooms.  All that adds up to more reading for me!  Yay!


No 5 star books this month, but a lot of high rated stories nonetheless.  There were three that I rated at 4.5 stars, so that’s pretty good! Two were from authors I already knew and loved, Alex by Sawyer Bennett and Deep by Kylie Scott.  Gather the Daughters was by a new author, Jennie Melamed.


August was another month of all my books being read on my Kindle.  One reason for that is there were a bunch of ARCs I got from Net Galley that were being published last month.  But it’s also so much easier with all the doctor appointments I’ve been going along for to have my Kindle so if I finish my book there’s another one waiting.

Net Galley = 8

MCL = 6

Kindle Lending Library = 1

Amazon Purchase = 1

I read five books in August by new to me authors! One of those was a bit of a stinker, but the rest were solid reads.  I read a lot of favorite authors, too.  Including two by Nicole Helm and two by Sawyer Bennett.


Once again, most likely due to all the Net Galley books that were in my rotation in August, most of the books I read were pretty current.  I read an older Jill Shalvis book from 2007, other than that they were from 2014 to current. 

Of course, with my book count for the month jumping back up, so did my page count.  With 4933 pages read in August, that’s more than double the page count of July!  The shortest, just under 200 pages at 196 pages, was Don’t Call Me Sweetheart by Codi Gary.  The longest was Alex by Sawyer Bennett coming in at 434 pages.


Although I read a lot of great books in August, my average rating came in at 3.75 stars.  Like I mentioned before, there was one stinker in there that I gave 2 stars so that brought the overall average down.  I still enjoyed my August reads for the most part though.

I read four books in August that were acquired in August.  Since three of them were free ARCs from Net Galley I only spent money on the Melissa Foster book Swept Into Love that I had pre-ordered months ago.


Total books purchased in August = 1

Total money spent on books acquired in August = $4.99

Total money spent on books read in August – $4.99

I know you probably won’t believe me after all my empty promises, but I actually started a post on the additional places I’ve been getting free Kindle books.  I know I’ve been promising it for months, now it’s actually in the works!  I just want to make sure I have all of my sources correct and give you the most clear and concise way to go about using these sources.

In August, I got 99 of the 163 book through my Book Bub email links.  My pick for the Kindle First book for August was P.S. From Paris by Marc Levy.  I got 10 books through Net Galley in August, 3 through the Just Add Spice newsletter, 17 through other author’s emails and newsletters, and another 31 through the other various sources I’m promising to tell you about. Plus, I saw a suggestion on Twitter regarding a book and was able to get another free book that way!


Here’s a breakdown of August’s books by genre:

17          BDSM

3            chick lit

1            children’s picture book

108        contemporary romance

3            dystopia

33          erotica

14          fantasy

17          historical romance

1            holiday

2            medieval

8            military

4            motorcycle club

14          new adult

18          paranormal

8            regency

1            science fiction

6            shapeshifter

4            sports

3            suspense

5            western

10          YA

It’s back to school time for a lot of you out there.  This is my second year not having that hassle, but I kind of miss it.  Do you find you have more or less time to read this time of year?  Although the kids are now back in school, there is so much going on (meet the teacher, sporting events, homework, etc.) I know it’s sometimes hard to carve out reading time in September.  Let me know if you found any great books that made carving that time out a priority for you.

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I'm the mom of two boys and wife to my high school sweetheart. Our oldest, Josh, is living at home while working and paying off student loans. Our youngest, Griffin recently left his active duty Army job and is now National Guard here at home. He moved back to Michigan with his wife Kirsten and our beautiful granddaughter Hazel. I work part time and try to fit as much reading into my life as possible.
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