Match Me If You Can – book review

Match Me If You Can
by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Release Date:  August 1, 2005
Publisher:  Avon Books
Book #6 in the Chicago Stars series
Number of pages:  388
Source: Warren Library
Contemporary Romance M/F
Rating: NC-17
Read 10/22/17 to 10/25/17

In my review of book #5 in this series, This Heart of Mine, I mentioned that the men in this series are quite frustrating to me when I first meet them.  To the point that I called the insensitive brutes.  Boy oh boy, Heath is no exception.  It took a loooong time before I really felt I was seeing the real Heath.  Well, that statement isn’t exactly true.  It was more that the author gave us glimpses of the real Heath, but Heath himself didn’t realize that was the real him so kept shoving the kid back in the locker.

Bodie, Heath’s best friend/bodyguard/driver/jack-of-all-trades, on the other hand had my heart from the beginning.  I only tell you this because, in true SEP fashion, this story has multiple other little romances and potential romances popping up and Bodie features in one of them.

I also adored Annabelle from the start.  She could definitely be a bit of a pushover sometimes, but when push came to shove she often found her backbone.  Plus, as much as she felt like she didn’t live up to her family’s expectations, she really lived her life by her terms.  She wasn’t going to conform to societal pressures no matter that her whole family seemed to gang up on her.

Although this story followed the path I thought it would, the path had many more curves and loops than I thought it would.  That’s one of the huge reasons I’ve become such a fan of this author.  She knows how to weave a tale and throw in some unexpected elements while still staying true to the story being told.  That, and she knows how to write chemistry.  My goodness did the butterflies run rampant in my stomach for the last third of this book.  Not always the warm-gooey kind of butterflies.  Sometimes they were butterflies of dread…when the writing is strong I still get those even when I know the book I’m reading is an HEA.

I found the underlying story of strong women and what it means to be a strong woman to be of interest.  Especially in today’s climate.  There are so many examples of fierce ladies in this story yet they are all so different from one another.  I loved it!

There were so many people we met in this story that I would love to see get their HEA, too.  Of course, Dean will be the next up and I can’t wait to see him taken down a peg or two.  He’s a great guy, I can tell that by his actions with Annabelle in this book.  But the boy has some crazy ego going on!

4 stars

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