Intrigue Out of the Office – book review

Intrigued Out of the Office
by Nicole Edwards
Release Date:  December 5, 2017
Publisher: Nicole Edwards, Limited
Contemporary Romance/Erotica/BDSM
Book #2 in the Office Intrigue Duet
Number of Pages:  408
Kindle Edition
Source:  ARC from Author
Rating:  XXX
Read 11/28/17 to 11/30/17

I’m going to repeat what I said in the beginning of my review for Office Intrigue.  This book is part two of a two-part story, both books to be released on the same day.  I’m following the author’s lead and posting reviews of both books on the same day.  So if you haven’t seen it yet, hop on over to my review of the first book before continuing on with this one. 

As I mentioned in the other review…this book is NOT for the faint of heart.  This is an extremely sexual story and has earned every X in my XXX rating.  I’ve made it known that I seriously dislike when people judge a book by saying “too much sex” when it’s labeled as erotica.  So please, do not read this book if you have an issue with erotica and/or relationships that are not considered mainstream.  Just like with book one, if you enjoy a lot of sizzle and are open-minded, you will really enjoy this book.

Where Office Intrigue introduced us to Luci and her bosses, Landon, Langston, Justin, and Ben and helps us to get a general idea of their situation, this part of the story really delves much deeper into the feelings all the characters start to develop for one another.  I loved it!  There was chemistry and warm-fuzzies and heartache and love.  It was wonderful.

Luci has a serious problem with her self-esteem.  Those who don’t understand the Dominant/submissive dynamic might think that’s a given since she’s a submissive.  But that’s actually far from true and, in fact, Luci is finding her confidence from being in this unconventional relationship with all these Dominants.  She found her power but still has an issue finding her voice.

I’m very thankful Nicole Edwards decided to give us short “Boss Meeting” chapters throughout both books.  There were times I found myself getting upset with one of the bosses when there would be a chapter from either his point of view or where he was expressing himself more openly than he did with Luci. Then I’d start to understand his motivations.  I am in no way an expert, or even super familiar with the D/s relationship outside of the fictional stories I’ve read so these insights were very helpful. 

Ben and Justin remain a bit of a mystery and I can only hope the author decides to give them their HEA someday.  I was glad to see more of Jordan in this part of the story and really enjoyed seeing the private side of his life.  It definitely helped Luci to open up to him and she needed to have someone to talk to with all that was going on in her life.

As for Langston and Landon, I already knew I liked them.  Getting to see their out of the office side really cemented them in my heart.  Even though Landon wasn’t particularly happy with his brother through part of this book, they always have each other’s backs and are super supportive of each other and their business partners.  They may sometimes be clueless as to what is happening in Luci’s brain, but when they do find out things she keeps close to the vest they are sure to swoop in and give her the love and support she needs and deserves…even when she doesn’t realize that’s what they’re doing.

I want to add in a quick note about this being labeled a BDSM story.  Where it does have some BDSM elements, it is more like BDSM light.  It may be too much for some temperaments, but if you’re looking for super hard-core whips and chains you will not find it here.  There is some punishment and restraints, but nothing over the top for the more main stream mindset.

This second part of the two-part Office Intrigue Duet really elevated the story in so many ways.  If you enjoyed the first part you will LOVE this part.  Nicole Edwards never lets me down.

5 stars

(I gave the first book 4 stars so the average for the two is 4.5 stars)

**I received an ARC of this book courtesy of Nicole Edwards.  All opinions expressed in this review are my own.**


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