Trust – book review

by Kylie Scott
Release Date:  July 18, 2017
Publisher: Kylie Scott
Number of Pages:  374
Kindle Edition
Source:  Amazon Purchase
YA/New Adult* M/F
Rating:  R
Read 1/27/18 to 1/28/18

I wasn’t sure what to expect with this book.  I absolutely adore this author.  Her Stage Dive and Dive Bar series are some of my favorites.  But this is said to be more of a YA story.  Those other series…definitely not YA.  So I think I need to address that this story is classified that way.  Please, please, please note that it is also classified as a New Adult book and I personally feel that is more accurate.  *Nobody under a mature 16-years-old should be reading this story.  There is sex, drugs, guns, murder, and more.  Definitely NOT for the younger YA reader.

On to the story.  Incredible.  This is one I’m going to be brief about since I think it will be so much better for you to discover all the little nuances on your own.  Kylie Scott does such a fantastic job of portraying a teenage girl with insecurities with Edie.  Even the few pages at the beginning of the book before the robbery, Edie is such a teenager!  After, when we see her interactions with her family and friends and classmates, the true depth of Edie’s insecurities come flying out to the reader.

There are not words for John.  He’s just so wonderful, but he’s also a tortured man.  I hate to call him a kid because he’s got a very old soul.  He’s seen things and done things nobody should do, let alone a teenager.  But he has such empathy and great instincts about people.  This is not all a product of the robbery.  From what happens during the robbery you can see this is a boy/man who is good at his core.

The friendship between Edie and John that grows is so touching.  But I also love the other friendships Edie makes along the way.  She also makes enemies along the way.  Where part of my brain fights back against that, screaming to me that nobody would be so terrible to someone who has been through what Edie has been through, it saddens me to know that’s not true.  That the author is right on with her characterization of teenage girl bullies.

I just cannot get enough of Kylie Scott.

4.5 stars

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