True Love and Other Disasters – book review

True Love and Other Disasters
By Rachel Gibson
Release Date:  January 1, 2009
Publisher:  Avon
Book #4 in the Chinooks Hockey Team series
Number of pages:  324
Kindle Edition
Source: MCL
Contemporary Romance/Sports M/F
Rating: NC-17
Read 3/14/18 to 3/15/18

I think I’m finally starting to be glad I’ve stuck with this series.  I’ve made it no secret that the hockey inaccuracies drive me nuts, but most of these books have such amazing chemistry I couldn’t stop reading them.

While there were still things that drove me nuts and I don’t exactly see how the inaccuracies helped the stories along, they weren’t so bad that I couldn’t trick myself into thinking that’s why the author included them.  The story itself and the palpable chemistry were enough for me to forgive these issues.  Just know, if you’re like me and imperfections jump off the page at you, there are problems.

Obviously, in this story, the good outweighed the bad.  As much as I was really annoyed by Ty and his holier than though thoughts when it came to Faith, I absolutely adored him by the end.  Faith, on the other hand, I sympathized with from the start.  I wish she would have stood up for herself a bit more, especially when it came to her mom, but she was a sweetheart from the start.

There was so much teasing going on in this story, it ratcheted up my anticipation level to the stratosphere.  Will they?  Won’t they?  When is this going to happen!?! The way it finally comes about is somehow sweet while being full-on combustion. 

Now, if Rachel Gibson keeps the rest of the stories in this series at this level or higher I will be a happy reader.  I think, as was the case with The Trouble With Valentine’s Day, the next book won’t deal too much with the actual hockey aspect of this series and therefore will be less prone to little annoyances.  This time, I’m really looking forward to what will come next.

4 stars

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