Tomorrow’s Too Late – book review

Tomorrow’s Too Late
by Nicole Edwards
Release Date:  May 29, 2018
Publisher:  Nicole Edwards Limited
Book #3 of the Sniper 1 Security series
Number of pages:  297
Kindle Edition
Source: ARC from author
Erotic Romance M/M M/F M/F/M
Rating: XXX
Read 5/14/18 to 5/15/18

Looking back, I realize how long it’s been since I read the last book in this series, Never Say Never.  A year and a half!  Even longer since it was published.  Somehow, I still remember all the characters so well.  No refreshers needed.  I really couldn’t believe it’s been so long since it was all so clear to me.

Let me tell you, this book starts off HOT!  Definitely a whole lot of steamy scenes in this one.  But that’s not all; there is also a whole lot of emotion.  The way Hunter punishes himself and those around him for things that happened in his love life in the past just put me through the ringer.  I wanted to smack some sense into him.  Luckily, in true Nicole Edwards hero fashion, he does eventually get his head out of his tookus.  Once that happens, he is totally swoon-worthy.

Speaking of swoon-worthy, Kye is so truly wonderful.  From the start, he has such a great sense of humor.  No matter what is happening, he always has the extra second or two to give a smile or wink and make those around him feel better.

Of course, if you’ve read the other books in this series and the Southern Boy Mafia series you’ll understand why I wasn’t sure if I’d like Dani.  And I didn’t necessarily like her at first.  I didn’t dislike her, I just wanted her to stop and think for a minute.  She was always reacting instead of planning.  Just like Hunter, once all was aired out and I got to see her true personality shine through I fell in love with her.

I want to note that in my review of the first book of this series, Wait For Morning, I mentioned being a bit annoyed by Hunter’s part of the story because it didn’t make sense that their huge and prestigious security firm couldn’t find one woman.  I was glad the author addressed that issue in a couple of different ways in this book.  She always comes through for me when I think I’ve found a hole in her stories.  Nope, she knows what she’s doing…I just have to be more patient and wait for the payoff. 

4.5 stars

**I received an ARC of this book courtesy of the author. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and given freely**

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