Rich Rancher’s Redemption – book review

Rich Rancher’s Redemption
by Maureen Child
Release Date:  February 6, 2018
Publisher: Harlequin Desire
Book #2 in the Texas Cattleman’s Club: The Imposter
Number of Pages: 224
Source:  Warren Public Library
Contemporary Romance M/F
Rating:  R
Read 5/12/18 to 5/13/18

As I mentioned in my review of The Rancher’s Baby, I haven’t read any of these multi-author series before.  I knew going in I would most likely enjoy that first book since it is by a favorite author of mine, but I was nervous about this second book since it’s by a new-to-me author.  I’m happy to say that I really enjoyed her writing and I’m now hoping to read more of her work.

This part of the larger Imposter story deals with a woman, Jillian, who had the imposter’s baby and the fallout from that.  While Jillian doesn’t have much, when she found out there was an inheritance she would be getting she packed up her daughter and moved from Las Vegas to Texas to, hopefully, start a new and better life for her and her daughter.  If you read the first book, you know that is not what is meant to be.

Jesse has always taken the job of being the oldest seriously.  First when his dad died, then when his step-dad died.  He has always felt the responsibility of making sure his siblings and his mom were taken care of no matter what.  Unfortunately, a terrible accident leads him to believe he owes his sister and nephew even more than the regular duty he felt to them before.  He won’t allow himself to find his own happiness as he feels he doesn’t deserve it after the accident.

The story of how Jesse and Jillian come together is part sweet and part frustrating.  They both have huge emotional obstacles to overcome, but when they let their walls down with each other it is so passionate and endearing.  I couldn’t help falling in love with the two of them as they found love themselves.  Plus, Jillian’s daughter and her love of Jesse is one of the cutest things ever.

So far, I’m really glad I decided to give in and try this multi-author series and I’m now looking forward to the next book and author instead of fearing what is to come.

4.5 stars

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