Comeback Cowboy – book review

Comeback Cowboy
by Sara Richardson
Release Date:  June 27, 2017
Publisher:  Forever
Book #2 in the Rocky Mountain Riders series
Number of pages:  368
Kindle Edition
Source:  MCL
Contemporary Romance/Western M/F
Rating: NC-17
Read 9/5/18 to 9/6/18

Another sweet and romantic story by Sara Richardson.  I love the chemistry between Naomi and Lucas, even before they had any sort of physical contact.  Their history was always hanging over them.  Not in a bad or ominous way, but in a way that made it impossible for them not to think of their high school past when they saw each other.  There was such a pull between them that it seemed nothing could really keep them apart.

Both Lucas and Naomi have some pretty big secrets.  Although Lucas’ family aired all of their secrets to one another in the first book of this series, Hometown Cowboy, Naomi hasn’t told a soul hers.  And it’s been wearing on her for a long time.  Things get quite explosive once all the dirty laundry is aired on her part, but Lucas can’t stay away.  It takes him much longer to open up.  To be fair though, his secret is not just his own.

Coming back to the town where you are considered the bad seed cannot be easy, with the dirty looks and whispers behind your back.  To make it even harder, there is someone who is being petty and destructive while trying to drive Lucas out of town.

There are a lot of things these two need to work through.  But when one gets down about the future and if they can truly make a go of things, the other is strong and doesn’t let the fight end.  As much as I could feel the love between them, it would have been easier for Lucas to just leave town again.  But they went over 10 years without each other and they weren’t willing to quit once they found their way back together.

This story was truly beautiful. Lucas’ relationship with Gracie, Naomi’s daughter, was adorable.  He is a natural dad.  I have a brother-in-law who is like that…kids just know that he’s one of the good ones and can’t help but gravitate toward him.

There were some timeline issues that drove me nuts in the first half of this book.  I wish my brain could ignore such things but that’s how I’m wired.  The author seemed to have her days under control in the last half and not much took me out of the story after that.  Overall, I’m glad I came across this author as I’m really enjoying her books so far.

4 stars

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