A Season to Celebrate – book review

A Season to Celebrate
by Fern Michaels, Kate Pearce, Donna Kauffman & Priscilla Oliveras
Release Date:  October 30, 2018
Publisher: Zebra              
Number of Pages: 304
Kindle Edition
Source:  ARC from Net Galley
Contemporary Romance/Holidays M/F
Rating:  R
Read 10/22/18 to 10/27/18

Make it a merry Christmas with four stories of the special way the holidays warm our hearts… 
Former Air Force Pararescueman Kevin Matthews is back home in Texas, working at his family’s Christmas tree farm while deciding his next move. Or maybe he won’t move at all, if sparks keep flying with the town’s new surgeon, Kate Stafford.

Widower Billy Morgan wishes his grown children still needed him. Good thing his longtime friend, Bella, does. She’s planning her son’s Christmas wedding and Billy is happy to help. Along the way they just might discover their own occasion to celebrate.

Attorney Moira Brogan expects her brother’s Christmas wedding to be a peaceful affair. She doesn’t expect to be cornered by an unwanted lothario, rescued by a gorgeous Aussie chef—or be swept off her feet by said chef. Nursing a broken heart, the last thing she wants is a new romance. But Hudson Walker has other ideas.

HOLIDAY HOMERUN * Priscilla Oliveras 
Event planner Julia Louisa Fernandez dreams of a life in Chicago. But her family in Puerto Rico expects her to take over the catering business. Former pro baseball player Ben Thomas knows what that’s like—and when they meet, he might be the one to inspire a winning strategy, just in time for the holidays.

I seriously don’t know how I got lucky enough to get another holiday anthology ARC.  I’m sure not complaining though.  First, I got to read Santa’s on His Way last month.  Now I get to read this one, with some new-to-me authors and some old favorites. On top of that, this book has an amazing cover that really got me into the Christmas spirit.  I love it!

A Christmas Homecoming
by Fern Michaels

Believe it or not, I’ve never read a Fern Michaels book.  I don’t know if you find that odd, but I sure do.  With as many books as she has under her belt and with how many books I read you’d think I would have crossed paths with her writing before now.  While this story piqued my interest in her storytelling, I’m not sure exactly how I feel about her writing.  It’s hard to tell from such a short story.  While I definitely felt the spark between Kate and Kevin, all while things were kept G-rated to boot, there were other issues I had.  I know, I know, not everyone is such a stickler for how accurately military matters are presented in such stories.  But I am.  It was nothing drastically wrong, but enough that it stuck in my craw.  I also felt a bit like the author didn’t give nurses the respect they deserve.  Again, nothing overt…just enough to annoy me.  Overall, this is a really sweet story that really lets the reader fill in the blanks to their own liking.  I’ll most likely look into reading more of her work now that I’ve had my introduction. ~3 stars (G)

An Unexpected Gift
by Kate Pearce

I just adore this author and her Morgan Ranch series.  Although you don’t have to have read that series to enjoy this short story, I recommend you do because they’re all amazing reads.  Other than getting to revisit some of my favorite characters, I enjoyed that this story is about an older couple.  When I say older I mean early 50’s.  But let’s face it, most contemporary romance deals with the 40 and under crowd.  So it was wonderful to read about a patriarch and matriarch of two different families finding their second chance at love and have sexual feelings to go along with that love. ~5 stars (R)

Christmas in Blue Hollow Falls
by Donna Kauffman

Although I haven’t read this author’s Blue Hollow Falls series, obviously this story ties into those books.  I didn’t feel lost in the story or like I was missing anything by not having read them yet though.  The chemistry between Hudson and Moira is great and I was rooting for them through the whole thing.  The beginning scenes in the bar were phenomenal and truly had my stomach in knots and anger welling up inside of me.  The dialogue in this one was as mixed bag for me.  This story is extremely dialogue heavy.  At some times, I found that to be a good thing.  At other times, it was a bit overwhelming.  All in all, this was a really interesting and solid story. ~3.5 stars (PG)

Holiday Home Run
by Priscilla Oliveras

Now this is a new-to-me author I actually never heard of, and I loved her!  I can’t wait to get my hands on more of her work.  The chemistry is amazing even while keeping this story totally PG. Even though I could tell some of the more peripheral characters must be in this author’s other books, this was a complete story and I didn’t feel as though I was missing anything by having not yet read the other books. This story has a sprinkle of sports, it dabbles in the holidays, and it highlights some wonderful cultural celebrations.  I was duly impressed. ~4 stars (PG)

3.875 stars

**I received an ARC of this book courtesy of Net Galley and the publisher. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and given freely**

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