The Summer Hideaway (Lakeshore Chronicles)


The Summer Hideaway
by Susan Wiggs
Release Date:  February 1, 2010
Publisher:  MIRA
Book #7 in the Lakeshore Chronicles series
Number of pages:  427
Kindle Edition
Source: MCL
Contemporary Romance M/F
Rating: R
Read 4/19/19 to 4/21/19


Never get attached. Private nurse and protected witness Claire Turner lives by this motto. Fleeing a treacherous past, she knows no other way. 

Never give up. In the twilight of his life, George Bellamy makes it his final wish to reconcile with an estranged brother. He and Claire journey to Willow Lake where it all went wrong for him fifty years ago. 

Never let go. George’s grandson Ross is ruled by a fierce devotion to family and a deep mistrust of the mysterious Claire…yet sparks fly whenever she’s near. In the face of wrenching loss, amid the enchantment of Willow Lake, Ross and Claire dare to risk everything for love.

I thought Ross was going to give me a problem.  I liked him when he’s first introduced, but his thoughts toward Claire made me think I wouldn’t like him before long.  I really thought Ross was going to be quite a jerk.  But Ross has way too much of his Grandpa George in his genes, so he surprised me.  He wanted to be a jerk.  He wanted to be obstinate and grouchy.  He failed.  Ross is a dream.

Claire has so much patience and compassion. I’m sure that partly comes from the way she lives her life; giving only snippets of her time to any one person.  Knowing there is an end date to any relationship you have will help you let the petty stuff go and concentrate on what is actually important.  Claire has learned how to do that to an expert degree.

There’s an instant connection that seems very organic and not forced between Claire and Ross.  Neither want to pursue any sort of relationship, but it cannot be denied.  Claire has finally found a true home within Ross’ arms and Ross has found that family dream he lost when his father died.

Since George is the long-lost Bellamy, so to speak, we get to catch up with a lot of the Bellamy family on Charles’ side.  My only complaint, only a very brief teaser of Daisy! We don’t even see her, only hear some intriguing news that isn’t all clear at this point.  I cannot tell you how excited it makes me to know I finally get to read her story next!!!

The story of Ross and Claire fits into this series seamlessly, although neither has been in any previous books.  I think they will be the perfect addition to Willow Lake.

4.5 stars

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  1. susanwiggs says:

    Thank you so much! Ross and George = two of the good guys. 🙂

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