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This week’s Top Ten Tuesday is going to be six instead.  Since I got home from Washington state a little over a week ago I hit the ground running getting a million and one things done.  (Save the second full day home when I was in a minor fugue state due to jet lag.) Ask I was unpacking the Christmas decorations I remembered to snap the following picture of our Christmas books in case I decided to use it for this post. 

Truth be told, I cannot think of any other books, other than these, that I look forward to reading every holiday.  While I’ve read classics such as A Christmas Carol and The Gift of the Magi, those are not stories I return to every year.  But the books I’m listing here are books I read to my boys year after year until they were well past the age most boys would enjoy having their mom read to them. So these are the books I’m using for this TTT, some of my favorite holiday reads.


Santa’s Evil Twin and Robot Santa by Dean Koontz

I was a big reader of Dean Koontz back in the 90’s.  I don’t remember how I found out he had these books, but they’re a lot of fun.  And the illustrations are amazing and bold. (If you seek these books out and enjoy them, I’d also recommend his story The Oddkins.)

Olive the Other Reindeer by Vivian Walsh

About 10 years ago my sister-in-law sent this to the family for Christmas.  While it’s geared toward the preschool set and we no longer had preschoolers at the time, she knew it was also a wonderful family story.

The Family Read-Aloud Christmas Treasury by Alice Low

This is not the type of book you sit and read straight through.  But it’s a good one to grab and read bits here and there with the family between baking cookies and wrapping presents.  Short stories, poems, and songs fill the pages.

The Story of Santa Claus

My older sister got this for my oldest son, Josh, when he was only a couple years old.  We read it many times through the years.  I’ll warn you, it’s much longer than it looks.  Best to break it up into a few nights if your kids are still pretty young.  But it’s a beautiful story with gorgeous illustrations.  

The Night Before Christmas by Clement C. Moore

We’ve had this book, illustrated by Ted Rand, since Josh’s first Christmas.  And it was read every Christmas Eve for years until Griffin was in middle school some time.  Which was often tricky since my family’s big holiday celebration is held on Christmas Eve, hosted by us for numerous years.  The boys would often fall asleep as I was reading, and I was often struggling to stay away myself.  But the memories are lasting.


I’m hoping to read many of these stories to my new granddaughter for years to come.  I’m also looking forward to helping her and her parents to accumulate their own stash of Christmas books.

About Cheri

I'm the mom of two boys and wife to my high school sweetheart. Our oldest, Josh, is living at home while working and paying off student loans. Our youngest, Griffin recently left his active duty Army job and is now National Guard here at home. He moved back to Michigan with his wife Kirsten and our beautiful granddaughter Hazel. I work part time and try to fit as much reading into my life as possible.
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7 Responses to TTT: Holiday Reads

  1. Astilbe says:

    The Night Before Christmas is such a classic.

    Here is our Top Ten Tuesday.

  2. lydiaschoch says:

    Aww, I want to read all of the books in this list I haven’t checked out yet. Very cute.

    My TTT.

  3. I read a lot of Koontz back in the day, too, but I had no idea he had written Christmas stories for kids. How fun!

    Happy TTT!


  4. Dedra @ A Book Wanderer says:

    I’m a big Koontz fan and I had no idea he had picture books! I guess I’m not as big of a fan as I thought. 😉 I’ll be looking those up!

    My holiday TTT

    • Cheri says:

      My husband found Santa’s Evil Twin for me, then we looked into it and found the others. I think he just happened to see it at the bookstore back when there was at least one bookstore in each mall. They’re definitely for older elementary and up, not the real little one.

  5. These are such great picks! I’ve always wanted to read those Dean Koontz books, not going to lie. You’ve just reignited that!

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