Bound in Darkness (Misplaced Halos)

51095901._SY475_Bound in Darkness
by Nicole Edwards
Release Date:  April 14, 2020
Publisher: Nicole Edwards Limited
Book #3 in the Misplaced Halos series
Number of Pages:  356
Kindle Edition
Source:  Amazon Pre-Order
Paranormal Romance M/F M/M
Rating:  XXX
Read 4/16/20 to 4/19/20


Heaven refers to them as Misplaced Halos.
Humans don’t even know they exist.
Like angels, vampires have been protecting humans from demons while keeping to the shadows, lurking in the darkness. In return, they’ve asked for nothing. Until now.

After the heinous slaughter of his father, the Alpha Vampire, Kaj Courtenay finds himself taking on the role of the most powerful vampire in existence. He’s up against traitors out to topple him, demons bent on eliminating the vampire race entirely, and an archangel who has other plans for them. It’s all Kaj can do to maintain his focus, but he knows it would be easier with the female who owns him, heart, body, and soul at his side. Problem is convincing her.

Acadia only knows a life of subservience. She has spent fifteen hundred years bound to the Angels of Darkness, her race used as their life source to maintain their existence on Earth. Living out eternity at their mercy is her destiny, beyond her control. It has never been something she questioned. Not until Kaj appeared in her life and gave her something to live for, made her question her very existence. Acadia knows resisting the powerful vampire is futile. He holds her heart. Problem is, it isn’t hers to give.

Kaj and Acadia must break the chains that have bound them to their pasts so they can embrace the future and conquer the enormous obstacles and ridiculous odds standing in their way. And for the sake of all, they must do it together.

The story of Kaj and Acadia has been teased since the beginning of the series, so it was great to see them finally get their HEA.  On top of that, the storyline for Oliver (Khari) and Bijou progressed to a point I’m panting for more.

Acadia has served the angels for centuries.  In fact, as far as she’s concerned, that is the only reason she and the other Fae are alive.  Not because the angels treat them as anything other than family. No, it’s due to some terrible thing her ancestors did in the distant past that caused God to punish the whole race.  The Fae at Angel Central are all that are left in the world and she is scared to compromise their safety by admitting her love of Kaj, the Alpha of the vampire race.

Kaj has lived most of his life as a protector of his father, the alpha…until he was too late to save his father and most of his family from a sneak attack.  Kaj is not exactly comfortable as the new alpha.  On top of trying to come to terms with his new role, he has guilt for not being there for his father.  Kaj is a doer, he doesn’t know if he can sit behind a desk in the role of leader.  His Zenith (band of brothers who protect him and help him lead) helps him to find his way.  They give him the space to work things out on his own but also nudge him in the right direction.

While Acadia and Kaj both know they love each other, they both hold back on going all in and admitting the depth of their feelings because of their other obligations.  They feel torn between their dedication to their own races and their dedication to one another.  Luckily, they have wonderful friends and family that help them see they can have each other and also do what is right for their people.  For Kaj, finally having the freedom to mate Acadia, to know she’ll be okay with all that entails, is the biggest relief.

I absolutely loved all of the other stories going on in this book.  Not only did we see a lot of Oliver and Bijou, there’s also an intense connection between Apollo and Blaz.  Hoo boy! Their story is FIRE!  There’s the mysterious introduction (to the reader only) of an unknown amnesiac immortal…or so it seems. And we still get peeks at poor Asmia. 

With each story in this series I find myself getting more and more invested.  The author is doing an amazing job growing the world of angels, vampires, and demons.

4.5 stars

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