Cowboy Wild (Tangled Up in Texas) – ARC Review

51202880._SY475_Cowboy Wild
by Michelle Beattie
Release Date: May 28, 2020
Publisher: Tule Publishing
Book #3 in the Tangled Up in Texas series
Number of pages:  219
Source:  ARC from publisher
Contemporary Romance/Western M/F
Rating: R
Read 5/25/20 to 5/27/20


Kara Montgomery didn’t plan on being a runaway bride but even years of bowing to her parents’ expectations can’t bring her to marry a man she doesn’t love. Choosing to take her planned vacation doing things she’s always dreamed of, Kara heads to the closest rodeo.

Finding a woman in his stock trailer isn’t uncommon for tie-down roper Cam Granger. Finding one holding a wedding dress is. When Cam learns of Kara’s desire to experience life on a ranch, he does something he’s never done before; he takes a woman home.

Working with Cam feeds her soul in the way her career never did; Kara feels like she truly belongs.

Hot kisses and passionate lovemaking dispel the doubts crowding in Cam’s head, but, when their worlds collide, he wonders if a woman of her class and means could ever be happy with a cowboy. While Cam fears tying Kara down might not be a possibility after all, Kara is faced with a heart-wrenching ultimatum that is sure to leave her shattered.

Talk about a meet-cute. I absolutely adore how Kara and Cam meet. Especially the way Cam is very aware of how he could be coming across as a threat to Kara even though, technically, she’s doing something wrong. It made me fall in love with Cam on the spot.

Although Kara allowed herself to be manipulated into doing what others thought best for her instead of following her own dreams, she has a great backbone once she decides enough is enough. The girl has a lot of grit. Not that she doesn’t drop back into her old behavior here and there. And, at times, she goes a bit beyond what is needed when sticking up for herself. There’s a learning curve to it all, that’s for sure. But she has the stick-to-it-iveness needed to turn her life around.

Cam has his own family issues to deal with. This story, like all in the series so far, has its own ending. But the larger story of this family and these brothers that runs through this series still has a lot to work out. Cam has started to gain the respect he deserves from some of his brothers, but there’s still a long road to go with the family overall.  Cam found a way to deal with his grief over their mother dying that is different than the rest and it confuses them. By the end of this book, they’re at least starting to understand him much better.

Since Kara has no preconceived idea of who Cam is on the inside and he has no grand plan as to how Kara’s life goes, they are able to connect on a level they’ve never experienced before.  Of course, life happens and outside sources butt into this ideal situation. Yet setting the foundation of their relationship before family is brought into the mix helps them to wade through the issues that are thrown their way together. At least, for the most part.

It’s great to watch these two grow as individuals and learn to trust themselves as well as each other. I’m looking forward to the next installment of this series. Not only for the next brother in line to find his HEA, but to learn more about the patriarch of the family. There’s a whole underlying mystery to these stories that the author doesn’t overwhelm the reader with, but gives nuggets along the way to keep the reader on the hook.

4 stars

**I received an ARC of this book courtesy of the publisher. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and given freely**

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