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For this week’s Top Ten Tuesday, we’re looking at the authors we’ve read the most. For me, my list came as a surprise. Some on my list are old favorites, some are current favorites, and some are old favorites that have fallen out of favor over the years. Some of my current faves didn’t make the list. There are numerous reasons for this, but the main reason seems to be that they don’t have as many books published or readily available as some of the other authors I enjoy. I’m going to countdown to my most read author.

10. Sawyer Bennett – 26 titles

This was one of the surprises for me. I absolutely love this author and her hockey gods. The main reason she isn’t higher on my list isn’t the lack of titles, there are plenty of her works I haven’t read (some I even own!), it’s lack of time. You better believe I’ve read every single one of her Cold Fury and Arizona Vengeance books though!

9.  Jaci Burton – 27 titles

Here’s one that I just don’t read as often anymore. I used to love her stories, but have noticed a difference in her writing as of late and we just don’t mesh anymore. If I remember correctly, this author was my first real foray into sports romance and I’ll forever be grateful for the introduction to the genre. It was one I thought I wouldn’t enjoy but I now know I cannot get enough of.

8.  Rebecca Zanetti – 27 titles

Yes, there’s a tie here. But I know I’ll be reading a lot more from this author so this number will continue to rise. She’s a newer addition to my reading repertoire, I believe it’s only be a couple of years at most since I found her stories. And whether it’s her paranormal romance or romantic suspense books I’m reading, I’m enjoying them all. Bonus for me, I still haven’t gotten through her full library or work so I have a lot more fun and excitement ahead of me with this author.

7.  Maisey Yates – 32 titles

I don’t remember how I found this author, but I fell in love with her Oregon cowboys and have never looked back. In fact, once I caught up to current with her books I got so frustrated waiting for copies of her newer books through the library that she became one of the authors to get my book money on the regular. (Her ebook prices are, unfortunately, creeping up to a price level I’m not really comfortable paying for a book I can’t share with my friends and family so that may have to change.)

6.  Lorelei James – 36 titles

I do believe this is where my cowboy obsession started. Another genre I didn’t think was my thing. There was always a stereotype in my mind as to the thoughts and actions of cowboys, and Ms. James blew that out of the water. Then I discovered that she’s just as awesome at writing business men in the city. 

5.  Robyn Carr – 39 titles

I’ve had my ups and downs with this author. I devoured her Virgin River series and really enjoyed the stories. While I’ve enjoyed most of her other books I’ve read (there are a couple of her books that lean toward more contemporary fiction than contemporary romance that I’ve struggled with), I’ve found they don’t engage me as much as they did years ago. 

4.  Jill Shalvis – 41 titles

One of my favorite things when reading a romance, regardless of the sub-genre, is when the author can make me laugh. And this author is great at making me laugh. I’m a firm believer in having a mate who you can laugh with, so I love seeing that in the couples I read about. A while back I started attempting to read this author’s back library in order. I ran across quite a few titles that I couldn’t find and got distracted from that goal at some point since I don’t think I’ve read one of her older works in almost two years. I’ll have to get back on that…

3.  Stephen King – 49 titles

This number may be wrong. I didn’t go through a list of his library to really see how many I’ve read. I’m a huge fan and have read all of his older stuff. It’s the books that have been published in the last 10 or so years I have fallen behind on. Some I’ve read, some I haven’t. Not for lack of want. I collect his books and have more than one shelf dedicated to his work. I keep saying I’m going to catch back up but have yet to do so. I don’t actually even have any reviews on the blog for his books. I have a few up on Goodreads, but they were mostly written years later as I was adding them to my list.

2.  Nicole Edwards – 67 titles

This is an author I will preorder every single time. I absolutely love her mix of chemistry and heat. The depth of her characters and emotions she brings out in me keep me coming back for more. The way she tackles so many different aspects of love and relationships, in and out of the bedroom, keeps me guessing. I never know who she’s going to pair (or more) up next, but she never disappoints. I believe she’s the only author on this list that I’ve read every one of her published books.

1. Melissa Foster – 68 titles

I’m pretty sure this author is who got me fully into contemporary romance. I had actually thought I didn’t like the genre (hilarious since it’s what 95% of my reading is these days) and the stories I had read in the past that I liked were just flukes. I got a the first couple of her Love in Bloom books as freebies and I was hooked. That series is now huge and contains multiple sub-series and I pre-order them all. Sure, there have been a few that weren’t quite up to snuff for me. But overall she keeps me swooning. Plus, her characters all have such great friendships that make my heart happy.

There is another author I feel I had to have read as much as many of these authors but I kept of the list. That’s because I don’t feel I could get an accurate count without a lot of work. In the 90s and a bit into the new millennium I read a whole lot of Dean Koontz. This was before Goodreads and I wasn’t one to keep track of my reading until years later. His books also fill a lot of space on my shelves. The problem is, many of his stories are quite similar (as all author’s work tends to be, but even more than most I feel) and I cannot always determine by reading the title and/or description of the story if I’ve read the book. Regardless, I felt she should get a shout out since his words have kept me entertained for numerous hours of my life.


It was a lot of fun and much more informative than I had predicted to compile this list. What started out as a topic I thought would be simple with obvious results was anything but. 

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I'm the mom of two boys and wife to my high school sweetheart. Our oldest, Josh, is living at home while working and paying off student loans. Our youngest, Griffin recently left his active duty Army job and is now National Guard here at home. He moved back to Michigan with his wife Kirsten and our beautiful granddaughter Hazel. I work part time and try to fit as much reading into my life as possible.
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13 Responses to TTT: Authors I’ve Read the Most

  1. Love that image! Great list, although I’ve not read many by these authors. Thanks for sharing!

    My TTT is here

  2. lydiaschoch says:

    Stephen King was on my list, too.

    My TTT.

  3. Wow, you’re very loyal to your favorites! I was surprised to find that I hadn’t read much more than 20 books by any one author, even those whom I consider my very favorites. I guess that just means I have a lot of backlist books to catch up on. Not a bad thing at all!

    Happy TTT!


  4. Louise H says:

    I’ve read one book by Lorelei James a few years ago and have also read books by Sawyer Bennett and Melissa Foster. I didn’t realise just how many the latter author had written!

    • Cheri says:

      My first experience with Lorelei James wasn’t great, but I like to give authors more than one chance. She ended up a favorite. As for Melissa Foster, there are still plenty of her books I haven’t read. I couldn’t believe it when I counted how many I read knowing there are still more!

  5. I also have quite a few old favorites on my list. Dean Koontz is a popular choice this week.

    Here’s my TTT list.

  6. shanaqui says:

    I should really look at my actual stats and see if they match up with what I expected… I just sort of guesstimated for my list, haha.

    I’ll have to check out some of these authors; I dabble in reading romance, but I’d like to read more!

    My TTT post!

    • Cheri says:

      It’s not always easy to keep track. There have been quite a few childhood favorites I didn’t think to include since I was trying to go off my blog and Goodreads, which weren’t around back then. I’m sure I’ve read more Dr. Suess, Judy Blume, Roald Dahl, and Beverly Cleary than some of the others I have listed here. Just didn’t think of them while I was compiling my list.

  7. Ooh, what are the Carr books that lean more toward contemporary fiction? I like the sound of some of her plots but I find the Romance Novel Writing is a little much for me, so I think these might work better.

    I haven’t really read any of the others, but good luck on reading more Zenetti. I love the feeling of having read a ton and still having a ton more from a favorite author to come.

    • Cheri says:

      All of Carr’s books have at least a small element of romance (as most books do by most authors), but there are quite a few that are more about friendships than love interests. My favorite of those is Four Friends. If you want to try something by her that’s more contemporary fiction than romance I’d start there. And while her Sullivan’s Crossing stories are romance, there is more of people “finding” themselves with romance thrown in for good measure, especially after the first book. I’d love to hear what you think if you try out any of her stories.

  8. Stephen King is my most-read author. I also have a shelf that’s pretty much just for his stuff. I love it and will read it all someday!

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