Disorderly Conduct (The Anna Albertini Files)

Disorderly Conduct
by Rebecca Zanetti
Release Date:  August 18, 2020
Publisher:  Raz Ink, LLC
Book #1 in the Anna Albertini Files series
Number of pages:  350
Kindle Edition
Source: Amazon Purchase
Romantic Suspense M/F
Rating: R
Read 11/30/20 to 12/2/20

Bullets and Kisses Can Burn

The last person Anna Albertini expects to see in an orange jumpsuit in District Court—a place she SO doesn’t belong as a new prosecuting attorney—is Aiden Devlin, the man who’d saved her life when they were kids. For years, she has dreamed about him. Now here he is—his eyes blue, his chest wide, and his hands in cuffs.

Sure, Aiden says he doesn’t want her help, and his ties to a deadly motorcycle club should give her warning. Yes, her new boss is a sexy Italian bad boy who might be using the case to climb to the top. Plus, the detective assigned to the case, with his green eyes and broad shoulders, wants her to stay out of his way.

With so much testosterone surrounding her all of a sudden, most women would find it hard to concentrate. This might be why the case leads Anna to yelp during a spa appointment, fall out of a tree, and chase a naked old man around the courtroom. It’s a good thing Anna learned a long time ago to be her own hero, no matter how fast the bullets fly or the kisses consume.

This is a bit different from Rebecca Zanetti’s usual stories, which she acknowledges right at the beginning of this book.  I haven’t read a whole lot of Cozy Mysteries, but I’d say that’s how this read to me. Although, I’d say there was a bit more heat than the average cozy.

Anna is an extremely likable heroine. She went through a traumatic experience as a child, so as the youngest of 3 sisters she is very loved and coveted. On top of that, she has a huge extended family on both sides. Anna could have easily turned into a meek woman with no motivation to get out and do things on her own. Instead, she is a person who wants to help others and make things right in the world.

As this story progresses, Anna collects suitors. Not that she’s doing anything particular to try to snare any of these men. For some reason she cannot fathom, she’s suddenly super popular to the male species. This puts her in a state of confusion, but in my mind there is only one of these men who are right for her.

There are many factors that lead up to these men coming into Anna’s life. All of them mysterious and concerning. Anna is fresh out of law school and newly hired into the prosecutor’s office in her town. She’s only there a month when things fall apart and a huge drug ring is uncovered in her rural area. In her investigation (that she’s constantly being told is not in her job description) she is shot at multiple times, falls out of trees, gets whacked in the face, and meets the most interesting cast of characters. I have a feeling this series is going to be a lot of fun.

Since this is a suspense and there is a definite air of “who dunnit”, I won’t say much more. Even though, to me, that is not the heart of this story. Anna’s kidnapper from all those years ago, her savior at the time of her kidnapping, and her strive to do what is right are the important bits in my eyes. Since this series is about Anna, I won’t be classifying it as a romance. It has wonderful elements of romance that give those stomach butterflies a whirl. And the drug ring story is mostly wrapped up. But when it comes to Anna and her suitors and where the legal team in her city are going next, that’s all up in the air.

This author’s paranormal romance are my favorites, they tend to suck me right into their pages. But I enjoyed this different spin from her, too.

4 stars

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