The Warlord Wants Forever (Immortals After Dark)

The Warlord Wants Forever
by Kresley Cole
Release Date: February 7, 2006
Publisher: Pocket Star
Book #0.5 in the Immortals After Dark series
Number of Pages:  185
Source:  Amazon Purchase
Paranormal Romance M/F
Rating:  XXX
Read 3/15/21

The Warlord
Nikolai Wroth, a ruthless Vampire general, will stop at nothing to find his Bride, the one woman who can “blood” him, making his heart beat and filling him with strength. Coldly interested only in the power his Bride will bring, he can hardly believe when Myst the Coveted awakens him body—and soul.

The Seductress
Famed throughout the world as the most beautiful Valkyrie, Myst has devoted her life to protecting a magical jewel and to fighting the vampires. Wroth provides her with the perfect opportunity to torment her sworn enemy—for with his new heartbeat comes a consuming sexual desire that can only be slaked by her. Denying him, she flees, struggling to forget his searing, possessive kiss.

The Hunt is on…
She eludes him for five years, but he has finally chased her to ground and stolen her enchanted jewel, giving him absolute power over her. Now that she’s his for the taking, he intends to make her experience first-hand the agonizing, unending lust she subjected him to for half a decade. Yet when Nikolai realizes he wants far more than vengeance from Myst and frees her, will she come back to him?

This is the introductory novella to the Immortals After Dark series. I know what you’re thinking. Why am I reading the introductory story of a series AFTER I’ve already read the next six stories in the series when I’m such a “read in order” type of person? Well, I’m following the advice of experts. You may remember me saying in my review of the first book in this series, A Hunger Like No Other, that I had really gotten interested in reading these books when hearing about the Fated Mates podcast. These women actually started a podcast to discuss these books and recommended you not start with this story, but with book one instead. If they are that invested in this series, I think their advice holds some weight. And trust me when I tell you that I am absolutely glad I waited on this one. As usual, they were right.

I really hate spoilers. Although this story doesn’t have spoilers in the typical sense, there are some hints that could have given some things away about future books in the series. Plus, I absolutely would not have wanted to read what I consider this book’s mate with too much time between. But we’ll get to that later.

Nikolai and Myst have off the charts chemistry. There is no denying their connection, so it threw me for a loop when Myst was acting as though this was just another mission for her. And even more so when her sisters arrived for her “rescue” and she continued to play the aloof heroine. To be fair, she had every reason to mistrust and even taunt Nikolai given what his plans had been for her. But she sure gave good face to her act of not caring she was leaving Nikolai behind.

There is so much mistrust between Myst and Nikolai that it is a wonder they ever spoke their thoughts aloud to one another. Of course, not the thoughts they should have been speaking. As usual, so many things in this relationship could have been resolved with an open and frank conversation. But what fun would that be?

This is going to sound crazy since I’m talking about a 300 year old vampire, but there is a certain innocence to Nikolai. That’s because the rest of the lore mistrusts the vampires and the Forbearers are humans turned vampire so have no prior knowledge of the lore. Nobody is sharing information with them. It’s not only Nikolai’s ignorance of the lore, but the fact that he hasn’t moved on with the times. In other words, he still acts as though he’s in the 1700’s at times.

It was fun to see strong, beautiful, unshakable Myst find her match. As much fun as it was to see Nikolai learn the real way of the world while finding his own flaws and trying to fix them.

This book ties directly into book 7 of this series, Untouchable. I strongly recommend you have that book ready to go when you finish this one. I found I wanted to read Murdoch’s story as soon as I finished this book. (Look for my review on that one tomorrow!)

4.5 stars

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