Friday Favorites – 5/28/21

I have to admit to feeling a bit guilty for not loving one of my favorite author’s foray into a new genre. I hate that the last few books I reviewed by her had a less than enthusiastic response from me. I decided to highlight her here with some of the books I love by her. At first I thought I’d feature one of her series but, while I could narrow it down to two, I couldn’t decide on a favorite. Then I realized that I just have to concentrate on their commonality. Hockey gods. Trust me when I tell you that you will find nobody who writes hockey romance the way Sawyer Bennett writes hockey romance. Her hockey gods are to die for. Rough on the outside, fiercely protective, soft hearts, loyal, and a bit idiotic when it comes to love. Their counterparts are smart, sexy, strong, and wipe all of the puck bunnies from the minds of their players.

The Cold Fury Hockey series came first with the Arizona Vengeance series being a spin-off, which means there are occasional crossovers. While each story can be read as a standalone, they’re so much better when you read them all in order so you get to know the teams and their significant others. The players have a brotherhood as teammates, their mates have a sort of club of their own and are great supporting characters in the stories that are not their own.

The Cold Fury Lineup

Not to take anything away from these gorgeous gentlemen, but I can’t help but lament when they changed the covers from torsos to faces. Anyone else?

Just as you think Sawyer Bennett is running out of players to write about, the league gets an new expansion team. Lucky for us!

The Arizona Vengeance Lineup

There’s a new addition to the Arizona Vengeance series coming soon. Jett will be published in July and I am so ready for his story. Because I’m sure he’s right that his no-strings friends with benefits situation will continue with nobody getting the feels.

If, for some reason I just cannot fathom, you are not interested in hockey playing hotties, I’m going to give a shout out to one of Ms. Bennett’s contemporary/women’s fiction books that blew me away. It’s a beautiful story of friendship and learning and growing.


As you can probably tell by now, I really love this author. Sawyer Bennet writes with heart and (almost) always has the chemistry between her characters coming off the pages. I’ll tell ya, just putting this post together makes me wish I had time to go back and do a total re-read of both of these series from Alex to Wylde before Jett comes out.

(click on the series titles above the images for a listing of my reviews of these books)

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