Deadly Coincidence (Brantley Walker: Off the Books) – ARC review

Deadly Coincidence
by Nicole Edwards
Release Date:  June 29, 2021
Publisher: Nicole Edwards Limited
Book #4 in the Brantley Walker: Off the Books series
Number of Pages: 256
Kindle Edition
Source:  ARC from author
Romantic Suspense M/M M/F
Rating:  XXX
Read 6/15/21 to 6/16/21

The members of the Off the Books Task Force are at it again, this time spending some quality time together and solving a mystery that has them temporarily baffled.

Brantley Walker and Reese Tavoularis continue to find balance between their personal and professional relationship. In doing so, they realize they have a lot to learn about one another.

When JJ gets caught up in a plot to abduct the governor’s son, she turns to Baz for help. And though he comes to her rescue immediately, she soon realizes the rift she caused between them may be too great to repair.

Brantley’s keeping a secret, one that affects the future of the entire task force. While he helps the team resolve the mystery involving Dante’s disappearance, he has to determine the best way to relay the news that Governor Greenwood has decided to disband the task force. Effective immediately.

This series really keeps you on your toes. With each book, it seems the author is expanding the world of Brantley and Reese more and more. Don’t worry, this crazy sexy couple is still the focal point. I actually greatly enjoy the scope widening. There’s JJ, Baz, Trey, Magnus. I’m getting just as invested in their lives as I am in Reese and Brantley’s. I’m loving it all.

There are multiple things going on in this story. This series is really meant to be read as a series, as far as I’m concerned. One book leading into the next. The main issue in each book may be solved/resolved, but there is always more going on that is not wrapped up. Such as Juliet Prince, the kidnapper from the first book, still out on the loose. There are plenty of other cases and other issues for this team to investigate, but all the while they are all still invested in bringing Juliet Prince to justice.

The progression of the Brantley/Reese relationship throughout the series is a beautiful thing to witness. As Reese falls deeper in love with Brantley, he becomes more comfortable in his sexuality. Brantley has, for the most part, been extremely patient with Reese finding his way in this discovery. That patience is paying off as Reese is more and more open with his affection while in public. It’s an interesting angle in a love story and I’ve really been invested in these men.

The chemistry with all the characters is, as always, phenomenal. The heat comes off the pages, but so does the love. I’m rooting for everyone on this team to feel at peace and find their person (or people?).

4.5 stars

**I received an ARC of this book courtesy of the author. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and given freely**

I’d like to note that the author is donating a portion of all sales from any book in this series (including pre-orders of this book and the next book in the series) to The Trevor Project for the month of June in honor of Pride Month. If you haven’t read these books yet, now is the perfect time to grab them up.

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