Friday Favorites – 7/30/21

I’m not one to sit and watch many sports. We used to be avid watchers of the Detroit Red Wings. We’re still fans, but it’s a long story as to why we don’t really watch much anymore. Other than that I would watch the Super Bowl (mostly for the commercials) and, of course, any sport my kids were currently playing. They were my favorite athletes! Yet, one thing that will keep me attached to my television is the Olympics. Summer or Winter Games, it matters not. Curling? Heck yeah! Trampoline? Bring it on!

Of course, this year’s (delayed) games is much different than we are all used to. I’m in the camp of thinking they should have waited another year to hold the games, but I’m still watching avidly. My favorites for summer games are gymnastics and swimming. (Contrary to what I said before, I do watch those sports when they are in the bigger competitions other than the Olympics.) But I always enjoy watching things that are harder to access any other time. Events like the triathlon, rowing, beach volleyball, and rugby. My goodness, rugby. Talk about some fit and conditioned athletes.

When I started watching rugby early Monday morning, it occurred to me that I have never read a rugby sports romance. I have had no bites on my Twitter post, so I’m here really hoping someone who knows of such a thing will let me know.

Listen, I’m not picky. It can be two teammates falling for each other. It can be the trainer falling for a player. Or how about players from opposing teams having a secret affair? Any and all are welcome!

You guys, what the heck? The dude is bleeding and playing on. He doesn’t even look phased by this.

Naturally this brings up thoughts of Simone Biles and Naomi Osaka, who I fully support. In fact, this week’s Friday Favorites almost ended up a post about Biles. Since that’s still playing out I’m holding off on that post for now. Just know that I believe every athlete, no matter their age, should have a say in how their minds and bodies are used. The athlete in the above photo, Danny Barrett, had a cut on his head. We all know the head bleed profusely even when not a serious injury. Also, he wanted to continue playing and felt safe and healthy enough to do so.

These athletes are some of the all around fittest athletes I’ve seen. They can run up and down the field, diving at each other, scuffling for the ball, non-stop. Rain or heat, they seem to always be working at 110%. It’s, quite frankly, exhausting to watch them.

If you haven’t caught a match yet, there’s still time. The women are still playing today and tomorrow. It’s so much fun to watch and the games are very fast paced and go by quickly. I encourage you to give it a peek.

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I'm the mom of two boys and wife to my high school sweetheart. Our oldest, Josh, is living at home while working and paying off student loans. Our youngest, Griffin recently left his active duty Army job and is now National Guard here at home. He moved back to Michigan with his wife Kirsten and our beautiful granddaughter Hazel. I work part time and try to fit as much reading into my life as possible.
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6 Responses to Friday Favorites – 7/30/21

  1. This is it, Cheri. This is your book. Just one book. Write it! Start by promising one hour a day for yourself and your rugby romance. ❤

  2. Nearing the end of my third day and guess what quote an author just used in his presentation? It’s for YOU: Toni Morrison said: “If there’s a book you want to read and it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.”
    Whoa. It’s a sign, Sister.

    • 3rd day at SCBWI Big Five-Oh Writer’s Conference

    • Cheri says:

      Funny. Still not happening. That’s far too much stress for me. lol

      • I mean, yeah. I know. Now is not a good time. But in hoping, truly hoping, it improves in any small way, or large way.
        But just know I believe in you if you ever decide to try it. You would be phenomenal! I know it. (Remember I read your work when you were in hs.) There are writers who didn’t start until after age 40 or 50. (AT this conference I’m attending.) It will never be too late. Just remember that.
        And I’m done. I won’t bug you about it again. ❤

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