The Darkest Destiny (Lords of the Underworld) – book review

The Darkest Destiny
by Gena Showalter
Release Date:  December 7, 2021
Publisher: Evil Eye Concepts, Inc
Book #15.5 in the Lords of the Underworld series
Number of Pages: 204
Source:  Amazon Purchase
Paranormal Romance
Ages 17 & up
CW: kidnapping, murder, violence
Forsaken. Deathless. A monster in every way. Mostly, Brochan is determined. He craves what fate promised him—the woman who will help him conquer a heavenly kingdom. He will stop at nothing to win her.

Viola, Keeper of the demon of Narcissism, lives for a single purpose—treating herself and her pet to the best life possible. But a crazed warrior is now appearing everywhere she ventures, ruining her fun…. tempting her beyond reason and keeping her at a razor-edge of desire.

Though legions of males have attempted to win her, all have failed. Somehow, this rampaging beast is tearing down her walls, one by one, claiming he owns her heart and her very destiny. To be with him, however, she must defeat the only force strong enough to destroy her—love.

Revenge never turns out the way we think it’s going to turn out, does it? Brochan wants to make Viola pay for taking his brother’s immortality. Nobody is more important to Brochan than his brother, the man he raised from a young boy. But Viola guards her beast Fluffy just as fiercely. With good reason; Fluffy is the only being who has ever been loyal to Viola and shown her unconditional love.

These two are more alike than they can even fathom.  They’re also both extremely stubborn and don’t take the time to figure out they why of the other’s actions. They just react when they feel threatened which causes many interesting fights. Some violent, some frustrating, all sexy.

There is a test Viola gives all of her “victims” before taking their essence. Nobody has passed that test. It’s quite easy to figure it out, but seeing Brochan struggle with what the test may be and what he has to do to pass the test is interesting. As much as he can be quite the brute, his reasoning for the things he does keeps him a sympathetic character. Especially since we also know he fell for Viola before she even set her sights on…his brother. And Viola’s narcissism can border on annoying, but knowing her internal struggle helps her stay on the right side of annoying. Also, finding out how Viola chooses who to steal from helped to redeem her in my eyes.

It’s always great to see old “friends”. These novellas seldom have a lot of facetime with the Lords of the Underworld, but I have a bit of an infatuation with the Sent Ones who own Downfall and we got to visit with them a bit in this story.

While I did enjoy this story, the pacing felt different than most of this author’s novellas so it was a bit of a slower read than I was expecting. I enjoyed the characters, the plot, the story overall…it was just a bit off somehow.

3.5 stars

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