Kink Camp: Hunted (Kink Camp) – book review

Kink Camp: Hunted
by Adriana Anders
Release Date:  April 1, 2022
Book #1 in the Kink Camp series
Number of Pages:  209
Kindle edition
Source:  Amazon Purchase
Erotic Romance
Ages 17 and up
CW: cancer, CNC
A Secret Fantasy
You know that one thing you don’t tell a soul? For me, it’s a desire to escape, a need to run, to be caught, held down and…
That is what I’m afraid of.
And it’s what I want the most.
I’ve come here to find it.

A Primal, alone
I’m the crowned king of Kink Camp, the man everyone reveres…and stays away from. I’ve given up on finding a play partner.
Until fate steps in and I see her: The woman from my statue. From my dreams.
She’s innocent, alone, begging for things she doesn’t understand. It’s dark and it’s wild and it’s dangerous, what we both want. To be hunted…to hunt. To run, to take, to plumb the very depths of our souls in pursuit of so much more than pleasure.
But now that we’ve opened this door, nothing is the same. This isn’t just desire, it’s need. What started as a game has become real life.
And once she’s gone, I’ll be a man alone. A Primal without his mate.
I’ll still be king. But what is a king without his queen?

I kept seeing things about this book on Twitter right before it was published. I thought I’d wait; I have plenty of other books to read. I don’t really remember what pushed me over the edge (oh! the peer pressure!!!!) and had me clicking on the buy button the same day it was released. Then ignoring my very long TBR and reading it the next day. But I did and I’m not sorry.

This story is so shame-free. It tells the reader that their kink may not be up everyone’s alley, but that’s okay.  Grace often finds herself starting to feel uncomfortable with her surroundings, an actual adult summer camp that caters to those wanting to feel free to express and explore their kinks, but will always quickly rein herself in and remember that nobody there is judging her or her tastes. Grace is a great stand-in for the reader while the reader explores this different world. Her best friend Max is the only one, until now, that knew Grace has a kinky side and she has long been encouraging her to safely explore that. Though Grace doesn’t understand Max’s kinks, she admires the way she owns who she is and what she wants and needs sexually. The women share an openness and understanding that finally got Grace to step out of her comfort zone and go to camp with Max.

Please do yourself a favor and really read the blurb of this book and even the author’s note at the front of the book before diving in. It’s not a story everyone can handle, and that’s okay. For me, I found it insanely sexy as well as emotional. There is a definite fated mates element to Grace and Liev and I couldn’t get enough of his grunts and alpha-ness. Things I don’t usually find sexy were somehow beyond hot to me in this story. The author did a beautiful job, not only with the sex scenes but with everything in between. The “real” lives of Grace and Liev are not given in detail, but you understand everything you need to know. She gives you what you need for your mind to fill in the blanks as you read. Therefore, the story never gets bogged down but I came away feeling I knew these characters quite well.

I loved meeting Liev, the owner, and his close friends. Lamé is a joy and I cannot wait to hear their story someday. There is an excerpt of the next story in the series included in my copy of this book and I’m anxious for more.

4.5 stars

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