Theirs to Take (Blasphemy) – book review

Theirs to Take
by Laura Kaye
Release Date:  September 26, 2017
Publisher: self-published
Book #3 in the Blasphemy series
Number of Pages:  170
Kindle edition
Source:  Amazon Purchase
Erotic Romance
Ages 17 and up
She’s the fantasy they’ve always wanted to share…

Best friends Jonathan Allen and Cruz Ramos share almost everything—a history in the Navy, their sailboat building and restoration business, and the desire to dominate a woman together, which they do at Baltimore’s exclusive club, Blasphemy. Now if they could find someone who wants to play for keeps…

All Hartley Farren has in the world is the charter sailing business she inherited from her beloved father. So when a storm damages her boat, she throws herself on the mercy of business acquaintances to do the repairs—stat. She never expected to find herself desiring the sexy, hard-bodied builders, but being around Jonathan and Cruz reminds Hartley of how much she longs for connection. If only she could decide which man she wants to pursue more…

As their attraction flashes hot, Jonathan and Cruz determine to have Hartley for their own. But the men’s erotic world is new and overwhelming, and Hartley’s unsure if she could really submit to being both of theirs to take…forever.

This was actually the first Laura Kaye story I ever read. Back in 2019 I came across this story in a collection of ménage stories called Three of a Kind. It’s what actually had me looking for more books by this author which led me to her Hard Ink series. I’m so glad it did because I love this author. I’m just recently getting back to this series and started from the beginning this time.

It’s funny, because this time through I don’t think I enjoyed the story as much. I think it has to do with me having read so many other books by the author which I find to be better written and more fleshed out. To be fair, I still really enjoyed this book. I just like a lot of her other books better.

While there is chemistry between all of these characters, the warm-fuzzies came more with the interactions between Jonathan and Cruz. That’s because they’ve been such great friends for years and both had unrequited love for the other. Hartley gave them both the courage to ask for and act on what they wanted and felt. Both assumed, for different reasons, it was a wonderful relationship but could never be more than what they already had. Hartley is the perfect key to bring them together and force them to be open with their feelings.

This is a quick story, but still gave me all the feels.

4 stars

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