Surrendering to Hunt (Wyoming Wilde) – ARC review

Surrendering to Hunt
by Jennifer Ryan
Release Date:  August 23, 2022
Publisher: Avon
Book #2 in the Wyoming Wilde series
Number of Pages:  384
Kindle edition
Source:  NetGalley
Contemporary Romance
Ages 17 and up
CW: domestic abuse, murder, kidnapping, near drowning
They’re tough, tenacious, and sometimes tormented; they’re the Wildes of Wyoming, three brothers whose family ties are as strong as their wills.

The last thing lawman Hunt Wilde ever dreamed he’d do was fall hard for a purple-haired troublemaker like Cyn Wilson. While Hunt believes in law and order, Cyn lives life fast and loose—with fast cars and wild nights. But when Cyn’s sister disappears, she surprisingly turns to him for help. Never let it be said that a Wilde man turned down a woman in distress—and on a mission.

It takes a lot for Cyn to swallow her pride and ask Hunt for anything. The man never gives her a break and is always staring at her with those perceptive eyes. But beneath Cyn’s tough exterior beats a heart as wide and beautiful as Wyoming itself—and soon she finds herself surrendering to the overpowering attraction simmering between them and partnering with him in the search for her missing sister.

She won’t rest until she learns the truth, even if that means putting herself in harm’s way. And when Hunt discovers how much danger Cyn is in because of him, he’s even more determined to take down the man who would take her out of Hunt’s life—forever.

In the last book, Chase Wilde Comes Home, the Wilde family wasn’t the most endearing bunch. They were working toward making amends for how they treated Chase by the end of that book. I’m glad there is a bit of a time jump at the beginning of this book so it’s more believable that the characters are all in a good place with one another now. It helped me to accept Hunt as a main character and the hero he is in this story.

As much as I wasn’t a great fan of Hunt’s in the last book, I was a fan of Cyn. I knew she was good egg and wanted to see her happy. Eventually, Cyn gets her happy ending. But there’s a huge cost. Luckily, Hunt and Cyn finally stop sniping at one another and quickly learn to support each other because that support is needed throughout this book.

I keep thinking that Cyn and Hunt go together like peas and carrots, to quote Forest Gump. It’s not so much that their relationship is effortless, but their personalities definitely compliment one another. I melted over and over with the way Hunt looked after Cyn while he also tried (didn’t always succeed) to step out of her way instead of holding her back from her real personality. And, for her part, Cyn acknowledged she often didn’t think before making her decisions and it put her in danger.

It’s always beautiful when an author can show the growth of the characters as the story progresses. Even though this couple fell into a pretty serious relationship very quickly, it never really felt rushed to me. Partly because they have known each other for years, partly because of the things happening around them, but mostly because I didn’t feel they were left stagnant once they established their connection. They continued to grow individually and as a couple.

Having read a majority of this author’s books, I was very excited when some interesting people from a neighboring town were introduced. I just know we’ll be getting another series out of them and I cannot wait to find out Viper’s story. I know it’ll be a good one. In the meantime, there is still one more Wilde brother who needs his HEA.

4.5 stars

**I received an ARC of this book courtesy of NetGalley and the publisher. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and given freely**

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