What Does That Mean???

When I read book review, I am often confused by some of the abbreviations the reviewers use.  Over time, I have figured most of the more common abbreviations out.  But I’m still usually curious what their criteria is for their star ratings.  I decided to get rid of the mystery in my reviews.  Here is a list of how I come about my ratings, the meaning of many abbreviations, etc.  I will try to add to this list as I go along.  And if you are ever confused by anything in any of my reviews please do not hesitate to contact me so I can clear it up and add it to this list.

What My Star Ratings Mean:

1 = did not like at all, possibly didn’t finish

2 = it was okay…I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone or read it again but there were one or two redeeming qualities

3 = I liked it.  I may not necessarily go around recommending the book to all my friends, but it was an enjoyable read.

4 = I really enjoyed the book.  I would recommend it to those I know read that genre and I would possibly re-read the book.

5 = Loved it!  I would recommend it to anyone and everyone, even if they don’t like to read.  This is a book I’d definitely read more than once.


MPAA Rating:  Because I read such a varied selection of books, I’m going to give them an MPAA rating just like the movies.  I don’t want an aunt to inadvertently give their 10 year old niece an age inappropriate book.  Of course, as with all things, you have to think of your audience.  My boys never had a problem with scary movies where my cousin who is in their age group was terrified of Harry Potter movies and books.

G           very kid friendly, safe for all ages

PG         kid friendly, but may be a bit too scary or confusing for the very young

PG-13   parent or guardian should read it first if the child is under 13, then make a decision based on their child’s maturity level

R            not appropriate for most kids;  there are sex scenes, some a bit explicit or a lot of violence or adult themes (assault, drugs, etc.).

NC-17  there is graphic sex…not quite a porno but think Cinemax late at night

XXX       very sexually explicit, not for those under 18 or who get offended by sex scenes


Abbreviations and Definitions:

ARC          Advanced Reader Copy 

MF            Male/Female, the love/sex/romance centers around a male and female

MFM        Male/Female/Male, the males do not generally engage in relations with each other but the female engages in relations with both males at the same time at least once

MMF        Male/Male/Female, one of both of the males engage in relations with the female and will engage in relations with each other often all at the same time

FMF          Female/Male/Female, I think you’re getting the idea

TBR           To Be Read

 HEA         Happily Ever After

 H               hero

 h               heroine

 warm fuzzies      that feeling in your stomach and heart when something is so romantic it gives you butterflies