Her First Christmas Cowboy (Four Corners Ranch) – book review

Her First Christmas Cowboy
by Maisey Yates
Release Date: October 1, 2021
Publisher: HQN books
Book #0.5 in the Four Corners Ranch series
Number of Pages: 55
Kindle Edition
Source:  Amazon Pre-Order
Contemporary Romance/Holidays
Ages 16 and up
CW: off page drug talk and killing

Christmas surprise delivery—an outlaw on her doorstep!

When rodeo cowboy Clayton Everett stumbles into a cabin in the woods—injured and on the run—he doesn’t expect to be rescued by an angel. But Tala Nelson might be exactly that. She’s the softest thing he’s ever seen, and she makes his heart, scarred by a lifetime of hardship, beat just a little faster.

Small-town schoolteacher Tala knows she should fear the man dressed all in black who looks like an outlaw from a Wild West movie, but she doesn’t. As she cares for Clayton, she discovers he’s a good man and no outlaw at all. In fact, he could be the hero of the story.

Tala’s never had anyone to celebrate the holidays with, but as Christmas draws closer, she wonders if this could be a season of firsts with her cowboy—first kiss, first love, first forever… 

Have you ever noticed that some authors get on a trope and seem to stick with it for quite a few books in a row? With Maisey Yates, I’ve noticed she’s been writing a whole lot of virgin main characters and age-gap stories. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, both are tropes I enjoy. It’s just something I realize a lot of authors tend to do. Which, I guess, is understandable when it comes to the authors that write a lot of books in one year.

I guess you know now that one of the characters in this story is a virgin. There’s a bit of an age-gap, but not anything huge.  But Clayton definitely has a lot more life experience than Tala. Not that she’s naïve. She’s had her own hardships and hurdles to overcome.

This is a very short introductory book to a new series by this author. It does its job of giving the reader the lay of the land for this new section of Oregon, not far from our beloved Gold Valley and Copper Ridge. This story has me intrigued about how this ranch, a town unto itself, is run and what kind of relationship the different families on the ranch truly have with one another.

3.5 stars

**Note: I feel I should state that this is a very short story. I love this author and pre-order pretty much all of her books. But, in this case, I feel as though it was overpriced (I paid $2.99). That’s a hard thing for me to say as I believe authors work very hard and deserve to be paid for that work. Yet I felt it had to be said due to the length of this story.

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