Part Time Cowboy – book review


Part Time Cowboy
by Maisey Yates
Release Date:  April 1, 2015
Publisher:  HQN books (Harlequin)
Contemporary Romance – M/F
Book #1 of the Copper Ridge series
Number of Pages:  400
Kindle Edition
Source: borrowed from MCL
Rating:  NC-17
Read 9/25/16 to 9/26/16

This is my first Maisey Yates book and I loved it! She’s on par with Marina Adair and Jill Shalvis. Not quite as much humor as they often have in their books, but enough to keep things from getting too bogged down in angst. The characters had deep emotional issues yet could still be flirty and fun.

Sadie was a bit on edge in the beginning, thinking everyone would judge her as if she was still a trouble-finding teen. It was bordering on getting old when she had her moment of realization that the town was going to accept her. Same with Eli and his gruff (even mean) attitude toward Sadie. Just when I was ready to boot him to the curb he started to come around and show his true personality.

Through it all, Eli’s brother broke my heart. I’m glad the author didn’t try to sugar-coat what Conner was going through. Yet I’m also glad that Eli and Conner finally had a sort of heart-to-heart about how Conner’s life was making Eli and their sister feel.

I’m glad I found this author and can’t wait to work my way through her catalog of books.

4 stars


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