Random Ramblings #12

Although I’ve popped in for some updates here and there…or at least did some year in review type posts…I haven’t done a rambling post in quite a while.  For whatever reason, probably because I tend to be long winded, I have a problem doing these personal posts.  But here I am, rambling away.

Back in December, I finally broke down and got a new Kindle.  Actually, I got more than one.  Many years ago my husband got me a Kindle Fire for Christmas.  At that point I transitioned from using a Sony e-reader to using the Kindle app on my Fire.  A couple of years later, after my Fire started losing steam, I got a Kindle Paperwhite.  I preferred something lighter and smaller (I had the big Fire) for reading so it was easier to tote around with me.  I used our younger sons left behind smaller Kindle for my grocery list.  I kept it on airplane mode or it would lose a charge too fast to be useful.  I was looking into a new Paperwhite and trying to decide if that was the right device for my needs.  I absolutely LOVED the Paperwhite I had, but I use it way more than the 15 hours a week or so they guess people will be using it…it was time for a new one.  While looking into what I wanted, I noticed Amazon now has a trade-in option.  Well, I jumped right on that!  I ended up getting $30 EACH for my old Fire and my son’s old Fire.  Plus, I got a percentage off my new devices.  I ended up getting another Paperwhite (now waterproof!) and a Fire 7.  Once in a while I get books from the e-library that are not compatible for my Paperwhite, so I decided to bite the bullet and get both.

download (2)

I told you I have a rambling problem.  All of the above paragraph is to tell you that I received a 6 month trial for Kindle Unlimited with my purchase.  All these years, I have avoided KU.  I figured, why spend money on borrowing books when I can use that money to purchase books and borrow books for free from the library and e-library.  I also figured the 30 day free trial they offer wasn’t even worth it since you never know how much reading time you’ll get in any given month.  It just didn’t seem like enough time to adequately judge if the service is worth paying for.  So, you may notice I now have some reviews that show the book source as KU.  My trial is up in June, so I’ll give you my opinion at that time. I’ll not go into it just yet, but I most likely won’t keep the subscription due to Amazon’s handling of some issues with authors.  But we’ll see.


Have you seen The Umbrella Academy on Netflix yet?  So good!  I’m not letting us binge the show since it’s only 10 episodes and I know I’ll be yearning for more when we’re done.  I can already see that it’s going to be like Stranger Things and seem like forever between seasons.  We’ve watched 6 episodes so far and it’s really amazing. I’m especially impressed with Robert Sheehan as Klaus and Aidan Gallagher as Number Five.  And you guys, Mary J. Blige and Kate Walsh are in this show!  What more do I need to say?

Other things going on around here…

We got a new mattress after almost 20 years (yikes!) and so far so good.  We’re almost to the one month mark, so I’m cautiously optimistic.

My sister-in-law has announced she is retiring from the Air Force this summer.  She’s invited everyone to join her and her husband in Alaska to be part of her changing of command ceremony and all the other festivities.  We’re contemplating, but most likely going to have to sit this one out.  It would be an expensive trip and at this point Griffin and Kirsten are our visiting priority.

I started OMT with my primary care doc for some neck and shoulder issues.  My back issues came up during the course of these visits.  It’s funny, not funny, that I’ve lived with lower back issues for most of my life and actually didn’t even think of talking to him about them.  Fingers crossed this helps because my range of motion is going to the pot and I’m sick of the pain.  (Another reason for the new mattress.)

I think that’s enough for now. We’re definitely smack dab in the middle of the winter doldrums around here so there’s not much going on.  My hubby’s birthday is Friday so hopefully we find something more exciting to do than going to Home Depot or Meijer!


About Cheri

I'm the mom of two boys and wife to my high school sweetheart. Our oldest, Josh, is living at home while working and paying off student loans. Our youngest, Griffin recently left his active duty Army job and is now National Guard here at home. He moved back to Michigan with his wife Kirsten and our beautiful granddaughter Hazel. I work part time and try to fit as much reading into my life as possible.
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